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C07P05 – Prophecy

C07P05 – Prophecy published on 27 Comments on C07P05 – Prophecy

Remember, waaaaay back when Kali was introduced, she said “Him again” after she’d been sent a vision from Bone Matron. Now you know why. In a way, she knew Tama long before she met him.

Connections are an interesting thing. I’m reading a book called The Tipping Point right now, and it identifies a group of people called “Connectors.” They’re people that are naturally good at connecting people with each other. An exercise from the book is to go through your list of friends and trace back how you met them. Chances are, the majority of your friends were introduced to you by the same few people.

Originally, this idea sounded pretty ridiculous to me, but when I stopped to think about it, I realized nearly every friend I have can be traced to one person. Not just that, but many of those friends also met their significant others through that exact same person! The same is also true for many of my online friends.

How did you meet most of your friends? How does your experience match or deviate from the “Connector” concept?


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I may have two ‘connector’ friends. Sometimes when we play RPGs they’ve found some new people to play with. I’m way too unsociable to hang out with people unless we’re going to play a game I like. So I can’t vouch for my connectors being being “naturally good at connecting people”, since it doesn’t take much to be better at it than I am myself. But they probably are, I guess?

I definitely have a ‘connector’ among my friends, though I’ve also met good friends without his help. It’s an interesting observation, thanks.

My connector was my ex. THen I got on YT and started meeting all kinds of people by myself and became a Connector. Then he got jealous because people he introduced me to became better friends with me and my friends than they were with him… which was a lot his own fault…. when he started blaming me for being outgoing was when it started to deteriorate. Interesting food for thought about Connectors…

I’d assumed that a person either was or was not a connector. I think it’s neat that one can become a connector. That means it’s at least partially a skill that can be learned.

I think it’s partially because meeting all those new people brought me out of my shell, but learning how to talk to people, and also, just getting out there, meeting people, and then… I dunno, it sounds like some kind of arcane magic, going, “Oh hey, this person would totally like this person, I’ve gotta introduce ’em!” and matching personalities. It’s not really anything I could put down to one source. It helps that a few of my friends are Connectors too, so the spokes in the wheel make an even bigger reel.

*waves* Hello Again Miss Robin! Sorry I haven’t been by, (my little man finally made his appearance) I’ve been awfully tired we of late.

Anyhow, the pages have been beautiful, and I like the connector ideas you’ve tossed out. I’ll have to delve into some thoughts when I’m not quite so sleep deprived and see if I can figure out who I might know.

I wonder, though, do you think a connector can be someone who…fails to communicate? I have…had…someone very close to me that people just seemed to… Have a magnetism towards. He rarely, if ever spoke, he didn’t introduce anyone, never tried to connect anyone, and yet, because all sorts of different people chose to be around him we all got to know one another, simply by virtue of proximity.

Just a thought 🙂

Great to be back, I’ve missed you!

All the friends I talk to on a regular basis have been from when I was like in middle school. I tend to make good friends with the people who can easily wander from group to group.

I feel like we are all almost connectors in a way. We had this habit of picking up kids that were always by themselves. I’m not much of a connector in new environments though. *I* then become that weirdo kid by themselves in a corner. basically sums up my college experience so far.

I can certainly pin point people had I not met and places/conventions had I not gone where I would not know the majority of people I do. ( and a lot of people I don;t know who apparently know me 0.o )

Ooh, I love this page. And not just because it makes my little shipper heart tremble with glee.

I can’t really pinpoint a connector in my group of friends since nearly all of us met in a Star Trek club. The club itself is no more, but the core of that group is still together as friends. Some of us paired up, married and had kids. The boys, all close in age, are very close friends as well, even though two of them are now in college. So I guess you could say that Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, is our connector friend!

That sounds like an amazing club! I love the idea that Gene Roddenberry was your connector friend! In a lot of ways, I think that has some truth. Think of all the huge conventions that shows like Star Trek have made possible. A big draw for those kinds of shows isn’t just “I’ll meet the actors” or “I’ll buy this cool merchandise” but is also “I’ll find people that love this show as much as I do!” It’s almost like the tribe coming together.

Out of curiosity, do you have a favorite Trek season?

I don’t have a favorite Trek season – always liked Spock and McCoy, didn’t and don’t care for Kirk/William Shatner.

But my favorite Trek appearance, hands down, is Assignment:Earth, because I became infatuated with Robert Lansing in the 1980s, and haven’t stopped since :). The main fan list of his is Gary Seven on yahoogroups. There are several other groups for shows on which he had roles: Automan (which is unfortunately mainly dead, though I’m reviving/working on a fanfic),2 groups on the Equalizer, though this one http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/equalize/ is definitely the better of the two (the other is spam, good only for read-on-web only), and the best Kung Fu: the Legend Continues group is here groups.yahoo.com/group/FuRenagades/ . There is a FuRen spin off group called the Blaisdell Brigade here: groups.yahoo.com/group/TheBlaisdellBrigade/ . There are others, but these are the best, in my opinion. Unfortunately, these are all fairly or really quiet right now.

TPTB seem to be settled on making an Equalizer movie with Denzel Washington in the title role, but can’t decide on anything else. There was speculation that Benedict Cumberbatch was going to appear as Gary Seven in the new Star Trek movie, but that ended up being wrong, of course.

I have a small Valentine’s Day EQ fic that I need to finish and post tonight – thanks for reminding me.

I was privileged to attend the first Robert Lansing Pilgrimage in New York City in 2004 with other fans and members of the Gary Seven list. Had a blast. Not everyone could attend, and I have been unable to go to the Pilgrimage’s following, but I have met several fantastic people through my love for Lansing. I often chat with 3 of them on Friday nights :).

I could go on for nigh forever, but I best get a move on to work.

Take care and have a wonderful day!

I guess you could say that Robert Lansing is one of my connectors :). One of the ladies who was unable to attend the first Pilgrimage wrote a beautiful poem about that; if there’s interest, I will ask her if I can post it here.

(and now REALLY off to work! But my day is definitely brighter now… :D.)

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