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C07P03 – Playing with Fire

C07P03 – Playing with Fire published on 10 Comments on C07P03 – Playing with Fire

Haven’t you ever heard “be careful what you wish for?” Kali?

Thank you to everyone that participated in the charm survey — as usual, I’d guessed wrong on what people would be interested in. Glad to know that before I made all the wrong designs into charms! (For the curious, the charms that were chosen are: 1. Rainbow Goddess, 2. Mizha, 3. Pakku, 4. Kali, 5. Raviki

I just finished playing the video game “Journey” for the first time. What a truly fascinating game! I don’t generally play games much — don’t typically have time for them — but I hit a creative wall this weekend and decided to try it out.


It’s fascinating not just from a visual standpoint (although it is very beautiful) but also from an experience and a study in human interaction. Although brief enough to play through in an entire setting, it takes you through a complete hero’s journey arc. Even more interesting, a large component is playing with someone else. You can’t communicate outside of chiming at each other, but there are advantages to being near one another and communicating with each other. For the most part, unless you’re paired with a very experienced player, it’s difficult to tell if the person you’re with is brand new, or more experienced. Yet you still share a communal experience together that has quite a bit of wonder. And over time, you begin to to get a feel for each other. Some players are take-charge. Others are hesitant. Some are playful, others no-nonsense. Some are chatty. Others stand-offish. And even though the chimes are all identical, they begin to form their own language. A chime becomes a “Thank you!” or a “Don’t leave me!” or a “Are you okay?” You begin to feel a form of friendship with this unknown entity. When you part, there is a feeling of sadness, knowing that you shared a journey together, but will likely never meet again. It’s a game that manages to inspire both a sense of joy and a deep melancholy.


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Yeeeaaaah…Bone Matron wouldn’t have been my first choice of deity in this ‘verse to go to for help >_< She's scary!

OHMYGOSH Journey!! Fantastic, amazing game! My husband and I just bought it a week or so ago, and he's already played through it twice and I'm halfway through 😀 It-just-I-agh! There are no words! There is such pure joy and happiness to be found there, but also incredibly deep messages about human experience, corruption of power, and the dangers of war. I swear, there were a few moments where I almost cried because I wasn't sure if the buddy we found on the online feature had been destroyed or not. I think the best word I've found to describe the game is poignant.

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