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C07P01 Memories

C07P01 Memories published on 9 Comments on C07P01 Memories

Happy New Year!!

What an overwhelming year it has been! When I sat down to think about all that happened in 2012, I found myself asking “Wait, that happened THIS YEAR? Feels like longer than that!” Some highlights included:

When Cory & I sat down to discuss what our focus should be in 2013, he asked me what I enjoyed the most about what we’d done so far.  It’s definitely been connecting with readers, whether at the conventions or here on the website.  You guys have been so amazing to interact with, and that’s definitely where I want to put my attention this year.  I want to get to more conventions and I want to introduce more people to LeyLines.  I’d like to grow our little community!

Thank you to everyone that made 2012 so special.  Whether that was by joining in discussions, sending in an encouraging email, contributing to the holiday break, becoming a Kickstarter backer, or sharing LeyLines with a friend.  I could not ask for better readers.  You’re the best!

What is your focus for 2013?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

It’s been great getting to know you this year Robin (you forgot joining Spiderforest…LOL or was that 2011). This comic has been awesome to read…I’ve enjoyed immensely watching this story unfold!

I thought SF was the very last month of 2011…but maybe not??? Augh, see what I mean? Too much happened in 2012 to keep track of!! 🙂

Thanks for being such a great source of support through it all!

I like Kali’s mom. She looks nice.

Well, if my publishing opportunity doesn’t work out (we don’t find anything out until after January 15th), then I’m going to have to start seriously looking into what I want to do with my book. And editing. I have, like, two projects that need heavy-duty “take this out and rewrite it” editing. Which is better than having to rewrite the whole thing, but still a pain.

I was wondering if there was any news on your publishing opportunity! Fingers crossed!

Cory & I are in the beat-it-out stage of one of our projects. Simultaneously valuable and painful.

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