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C06P41 – Not important

C06P41 – Not important published on 23 Comments on C06P41 – Not important

Whew! We made it, and nobody died. Mostly.

OH! Also, I put this video together and then COMPLETELY FORGOT TO POST IT. Because I have the mind of a steel trap. Rusted shut. INSIDE A BLOCK OF CONCRETE.

It still counts as “on time” if the chapter’s not over yet, right? Right…

Kali’s Rain Dance Feature!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.


Oh, and has anyone ever told you that you have an absolutely beautiful voice?

Thank you! It’s always been a secret “What If” dream of mine to go into musical theater…buuuut I’ve never had the stage presence to get a decent part. Oh well. Alternate Universe Robin will get to be on Broadway.

Lovely video and singing.

This strip is great in showing- as opposed to telling- the price of revelation and healing. The consequences / price of actions or desired goals is often brushed over in modern society. To see characters really pay in ways that matter to them is powerful.

Weeee missed a lot, didn’t we?

Dammit, Tama! Always getting in trouble and cockblocking Mizhiro drama.

If there’s one thing that gives me great pleasure, it’s driving Mizhiro shippers absolutely bonkers. 😉

Am I the only one that doesn’t feel like it’s really a cliffhanger but a really great spot to end the chapter?
Also, robin, i think you’re the only creator I know who’s danced out a scene from their comic.
Which, of course, is awesome.

I also couldn’t help reading “thanks for watching” in a bit of a sinister voice.

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