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C06P40 – Help

C06P40 – Help published on 12 Comments on C06P40 – Help

Happy Monday! Hope you endured last Friday’s cliffhanger without too much stress. See, I’m not quite ready to kill Tama off.


ANYWAY – a reminder that the end of chapter/Holiday break is coming up, and I’ll be featuring Guest Art/Comics and Guest Fiction in that time! Alternate Universe, Canon, Non-Canon, Cross-overs – all are fair game! Short fiction should be 1k to 5k words, and I’ll whip up a quick sketch based on them. Please email me (robinrone_AT_gmail.com) your work by the 16th! Thank you!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Phew. Tama lives to joke another day.

I’m working on a short story for the break, but agh! the last two times I sat down to write, I got hit with nasty migraines where I couldn’t even see the screen past the lights in my vision. Here’s hoping they leave me alone long enough to finish the dang story.

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