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C06P35 – Break neck pace

C06P35 – Break neck pace published on 20 Comments on C06P35 – Break neck pace

Bartimaeus called DreamEater’s free truth. Well done! 🙂

Ever done something just plain foolish? Tama’s got his share of rash decisions. I not too long ago almost jumped into highway traffic because I zigged when I should have zagged. Our car had broken down and we’d called a tow-truck. The driver was setting everything up and asked me to come check on something under the hood. I clambered on to the truck-bed and, after a brief discussion, he asked me to get down and started up the machine while I was still on the truck. Startled, I jumped off…and only at the last second checked the distance of my leap before I ended up in front of a car going 60 mph. Nothing to remind you of the merits of taking a moment to take a deep breath like that.

Whenever I stop to think about it, I frankly find it a miracle that anyone lives as long as they do. There are so many ways that we could die, often from tiny, little accidents. Small things that, if they just happened to go the slightest bit wrong, could get us killed. And yet, a lot of the time, they don’t. Whether that’s safety features, or intelligent engineering, or survival instinct, or just plain dumb luck. Regardless, some days the fact that life exists at all is a miracle. Particularly during rush hour traffic on the highway.


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That’s one of the reasons I don’t want to drive. Because I’m going to do something really stupid and get in an accident. 🙂

Did you get the art I sent you?

I find it eerie when your themes match up with what is happening in my life. Also, perhaps the Dream god’s fondness for Zhiro has summoned up some help. Or he wants an audience as he walks around in his new Zhiro suit….

So Kali has visions from Bone Matron and can call the rain from Waiziki. She reacts to what Zhiro did. Tama ALSO reacts to what Zhiro did….

…legend says that High Sages are descended from Vision. You know I always figured that was a bit of good propaganda but I have to wonder….

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