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C06P33 – Terms

C06P33 – Terms published on 18 Comments on C06P33 – Terms

Sometimes when you have a weak spot, nothing else seems to matter if it’s in danger. For Zhiro, Mizha is that weak spot.

For those of you in the USA, yesterday was Thanksgiving — one of my favorite holidays. I love cooking and food, which makes an event featuring those things delightful all by itself, but I also appreciate the sentiment of counting one’s blessings. My readers and supporters were definitely high on the list of things I felt thankful for. Thank you for your comments, sharing LeyLines with friends, and all you do to help me continue building LeyLines into the story I know it can be. You are a cherished part of my life!

What are you thankful for this year?


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Oh, there’s too many things. From the trivial – awesome webcomics to read and savour or the opportunity to play a psychotic villain when I needed stress relief – to the big things – like enough to eat even when money got tight and the apartment roof over our head – my family and me are grateful for a lot of things that we have. Amazing friends is one of the biggest for me, and there’s all kinds of in-between things that are hard to prioritize, like getting out of a draining relationship as well as the opportunity to stay friends after, or my cat even when he’s annoying me or the handmade blanket mom made me years ago.

In some ways, I’m even grateful for some of the bad things that happened in my life, which is something that’s hit home recently, because they’re things I learned from and grew because of. And I’m thankful for the lessons I learned that let me accept them that way, if that makes any sense. There was a guy I knew who basically trashed my emotions once, but it was this year that I finally let myself remember not only all of the bad stuff he did, stuff I forgot on purpose to protect myself, but also all the good times we shared back whe the friendship was healthy. And realizing that both halves of the experience have made me who I am. I’m thankful for finally being able to internalize that.

I’m even thankful for people just randomly listening to me rant. I’m sorry that I used your space to do it though XD;;; Sometimes it just happens…

It’s beautiful and incredible that you’ve been able to incorporate and transform the negative things in your life like that. I’m still trying to figure out how to do that for myself. I feel a bit like I can see it’s possible, as though I’m on a hill and it’s in the distance, but emotionally I cannot yet reach it. I really admire that you’ve found a way to internalize your negative experiences in such a healthy way!

Admittedly, I do backslide quite a bit sometimes, but this is the year I was finally able to move forwards and start the process. I realized that I’m never just going to ‘get over’ the bad things that happened – I just have to ‘get past’ them and see that I can use them to become a better instead of a worse person. Easier said than done, but that’s the first step, right?

Ohmygoodness, is Dream Eater searching for his lost name? Do his priests search for it so they can give it back to him? Does he take memories because of the gaps in his own existence? He may have just gained quite a bit of nuance.

I’m Pagan, so how I do this time of year is a lil different :p The holidays for me aren’t three seperate events, it is one very long holiday, from October (4th this year, it changes a lil each year) to January (15thish this year…), and just cycles through a few phases. Thanks given to those who have passed and those who can’t be seen, thanks given for what have and having a way to continue, then thanks to those we have and FOR those we have…

Each year, when I host the holidays, it is my right and privilege to open my home to any and every body, so that if no one has a place they are wanted, they can be at my place if they want. It is one of my favorite things to do, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

However, this year, I broked a bone in my foot at the end of August (just a lil one) and have been too stubborn to take time off of work to get it fixed. No problem, I can maintain for the most part, since only half my day is on my feet. However, I got up at 3 a.m. Wednesday, and didn’t sit back down til 8 p.m. yesterday (I love all nighters!!) so was in a LOT of pain, and running on the second set of sleep-deprivation hypers…

Moral of the story is, this year I am very thankful that no one needed to come to the open house, cause I wasn’t up for extra people :p

That sounds like a very wonderful way to spend this time of year — in thanks. That’s one of the reasons I always enjoyed Thanksgiving growing up. It was the one time of year people seemed more focused on the good things they already had in their lives, rather than wondering what they could get.

Please take care of yourself! Your broken bone sounds like something that you should care for! I’ve learned the hard way that I cannot take care of others if I’m not tending to myself. You’re very kind and generous to open your home to others — shouldn’t you treat yourself with the same kindness and generosity too?

No Thanksgiving here in Germany. But we’ll be eating turkey today and tomorrow.

Oh darling, no, never ever agree to pay whatever. You will regret it.

Anyway, unlike you we don’t have a lot of holidays at this time of the year over here, just Christmas prep time. So personally I have no well thought out responses. But life is pretty good all things considered, I suppose I’m thankful for that.

Um. Zhiro. Unwise. =/

I live in a nice, comfortable place where I can think about my education and my writing instead of my survival. Nobody I know bases my worth on my gender or my sexual orientation or my religious leanings. I’d say that’s a lot.

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