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C06P32 – Lost Name

C06P32 – Lost Name published on 12 Comments on C06P32 – Lost Name

It is at this time that I hope those of you that own Volume One flip to the back of the book to the extra story. There may be SOME CHARACTERS that look familiar. HINT. LE HINT. In fact, there’s lots of little extra goodies in that story that we’ve covered in this chapter. (Including the last page of that story, when the storyteller is given a name…it may sound a tad familiar. 🙂 )

For those of you that would like to own volume one, I’m holding a holiday sale from now until the end of December with 15% off anything in the store. Just use the code “Holiday2012” when you check out!

For those of you that may be a little surprised by the rapport between Dream Eater and Zhiro, I’d like to point out that we’ve only seen Dream Eater as himself once. Every other time, it’s been through Mizha’s perspective. Every. Time.

I’m not saying Dream Eater is a saint. There’s just a lot more to him than appearances would suggest.


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Gods would not be very interesting if they were monochromatic or lacking in depth. Lord knows the Greek Gods were full of surprises!

Very much so! Aaaah I love Greek mythology in all its glorious weirdness. Even more interesting is to see how other cultures gobbled up pieces of it and then sanitized it to remove all the oddities. The Romans in particular…”Dionysus? Oh no, no, no. He’s just a god of wine. Madness? Tearing people limb from limb? Ahahahaha no you must have the wrong god.”

Oh very much so…or how Zeus pretty much impregnated any girl he took a fancy to in the mortal realm …married his sister…etc…

How Hera was so jealous of Zeus’s attentions to Heracles that she drove him to madness and made him kill his wife Megara and their family…

Oh yeah, no shortage of intrigue and craziness in that pantheon!

I’d already got the idea that it wasn’t Dream Eater she was afraid of – it was Shadow Monk Zhiro channeling Dream Eater.

Also, can I say that I absolutely adore Dream Eater’s actual design and the design of his hall? He has a very tribal-cultural appearance but it’s not drawn from any specific source, so it feels original and unique to the culture you’ve created. I do find it interesting that even in this form, though, the Timu and Dream Eater look… very similar, in many ways. I’m sure this’ll be a plot point. Considering that Timu are servant-class citizens. And Dream Eater is a dark God…

The design of Dream Eater has been a gradual evolution. Once I began working with the design, it became clear to me that the version the world sees, and the being Zhiro interacts with, were not the same creature! And yes, there is a reason they look so similar – good catch!

There’s several things I also noticed – like Tama’s mention to Mizha that their mother wouldn’t touch something ‘impure’ when talking about Zhiro, and the fact that wayyyy back at the beginning, the High Sage called Dream Eater a “Timu god”. The demonic appearance of the Timu can’t help much either. I’m enjoying putting together your puzzle pieces – I love a story with layers and depth that leaves pieces like that for me to put together and try and figure out, and then see if I was right down the road! It’s one of the reasons I was almost-instantly hooked on this because there really are so very many layers.

Oh Dream Eater, what a glorious beard you have.

Also I really love Dream Eater’s speech bubbles – I picture him having a really ethereal, quite a deep voice. With echoes, maybe other voices whispering as he talks. Can I ask how you did them? :3

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