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C06P31 – Sacrifice

C06P31 – Sacrifice published on 19 Comments on C06P31 – Sacrifice

Some people don’t know how to make sacrifices for others. Others make more sacrifices than they should. Zhiro is definitely in the latter camp.

Dream Eater is the god of the new moon, but Shadow Monks typically only call their god during a full moon when Dream Eater is at his weakest. Why? Well, that will be revealed eventually. In the meantime, does anybody have a theory?

Guest Art Needed!

I’ve decided to take a break at the end of this chapter, which happens to coincide with the holidays. During the weeks of December 17th through December 28th, I’ll be looking for guest art to feature on update days! If you’re interested, please send your work to robinrone _ At symbol _ gmail.com!


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Agh agh agh agh aaaagghh.

No theories, or at least not ones I have any faith in– but considering that he takes some measure of control over the body of the person who call him, I do suspect that calling him when he’s stronger/not using protections could heighten the risk of the friendly Mr. Dream Eater taking just a bit more control than his host might be comfortable with.

Oh, and then there’s the whole business of Zhiro not remembering what Dream Eater says when he channels him. Memory gaps are a bitch.

OH, I’ll have some fan art to you in the next day or so. Just have some more shading to do on it…but I’ll probably have it to you tomorrow.

He really is playing with the proverbial fire here, especially when he knows what the God’s plan is for Mihza!

Thank you for the guest art!

And while we’ve seen a lot of Dream Eater so far, almost all of it has been from Mizha’s perspective. He’s appeared in her nightmares, but only once in the comic has he been actually present in person – right at the very start!

D: I should have known torture-characters was coming, since there was all that cute Kali/Tama interaction. But no! I always let it lull me into a false sense of security, even though I do the same thing!

(Also, that was a fantastic transition.)

I’d assume that because DreamEater is a scary freaking piece of freaking work that they call him when he is weakest because he scares the shit out of his own priesthood and calling him when he’s any stronger means not knowing what he’ll do to the person summoning him.

Aw, Dream Eater is hurt. He’s just an ol’ fashioned trickster spirit. He wouldn’t hurt anybody that didn’t deserve it — honest! Don’t you trust him? *red eye flutter behind skull sockets* 😉

Since he seems to speak through vessels and not to them, i would assume they call him when he is at his weakest so he doesn’t dominate someone and run rampant.
I’m not sure how much direct influence the gods has over the world – my first guess would be ‘very little’ or they can only make subtle changes, thus having one roam around in a human body could be very a bad thing.

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