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C06P26 – Let me go

C06P26 – Let me go published on 12 Comments on C06P26 – Let me go

Hey! I’ve been meaning to post this for weeks, but everything’s been so crazy I kept forgetting. BUT NOT TODAY!

Miquashi sent me this lovely fan-art on my birthday! Isn’t it lovely? Thank you!!

Thanks to everyone for their comments on Monday. Definitely helped me get through the day.


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I’m enjoying this dream sequence. I once had one particular person “haunt” my dreams for years, someone who I felt had betrayed me in the real world and who I cut out of my life. In my dreams, they literally would hold onto me and not let me go and I had to drag them around like a lead weight. Finally I forgave them (in my dreams only, what can I say, I’m not perfect) and they never bothered me like that again.
So Mizha’s problem with her mom really hits the mark for me. I hope she has a similarly satisfying resolution.

I think a lot of us who have been abused or betrayed (or both!) have some issues with “forgive and forget”, Andy.

As far as I’m concerned, if there is no true remorse, there can be no forgiveness, and the best way to keep a forgiven person from falling back into old abusive habits is to “never forget”.

Mizha is speaking for many of us, But I think Robin has done a great job of showing us also the pathos of the mother.

I’ve had dream “ghosts” too – still do, actually. The odd thing is that when I finally would get one of them to fade, it was different every time. I guess whatever each of them represented was different.

I think it’s perfectly fine to forgive a figure in your dreams, but not the person in life. The one in your dreams is part of you. The one outside is not.

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