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C06P23 – Unique Individuals

C06P23 – Unique Individuals published on 18 Comments on C06P23 – Unique Individuals

As of this posting, 15 hours remain until the Kickstarter is CLOSED! We are currently $27 short of $4k, which is absolutely amazing! Thank you to everyone that has contributed thus far – it’s been an incredibly exciting October! If you’d like to become a backer and get the books at the 20% off Kickstarter discount, NOW is the time!!

It is Halloween, and unfortunately I’ve been so busy that my costume is a bit behind in production. As we speak, the paper mache is drying on my mask. Not sure if it will be ready to paint by the time the kids come by, but I’ve already got PLANS for it beyond the holiday. I do so love my plans.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I’d plan my costume a year in advance, plotting and scheming, revising and redesigning. I learned how to sew in order to start making them myself. Prior to that, my mother had always contributed her considerable seamstress abilities. These days I’m so busy that my costumes have gotten less elaborate, but my fondness for the imagination and creativity of Halloween remains. I was a hold-out on trick-or-treating until college (too old for it? Bah!) at which point I switched over to hosting parties. This year, we’re just going to hold down the fort quietly. Too much excitement lately for a party, but I’m hopeful for next year.

What do you do on Halloween? Or if you don’t have Halloween in your country, is there a holiday that’s similar? What is that like?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

I am going as Atropos in a cobbled together 1876-style dinner dress. 🙂 I pretty much just dress up and have fun with the costume/personality/what-have-you I’m portraying. And eat a lot of candy.

Also I love the layout of this page. You’ve managed to say so much in this space, and I really admire that. I always have problems with speech bubbles and dialogue vs. page/pictures. 🙂

Dialogue is a challenge — there’s always the temptation to add more than is actually needed. Particularly since you can imply a lot with images, thus rendering the dialogue redundant.

I always think of a story I heard about Harrison Ford when he was filming The Witness. The director handed him this massive, wordy script. Harrison looked at it, then handed it back and said, “I can say this with a look.”

“No way! How?”

“Let me try it.”

So they humored him. And in that one shot, he was able to convey all of that emotion with just his face.

And that’s what they kept.

Tamaaaaaa….. you keep shoving things in your mouth. But I think you -like- her. *ships*

You and Skysong! Tama and Kali shipping. We need a good ship name for it. Tali? Kama?

TaKali…. KaTama… Kalima… Kama…. Tali… Tamali…

Oh god no not Tamali.

……brain, the answer is no, you are not allowed to make me draw this thing. Are not. Okay, silly moment over.

I like Tali personally… but that’s just me :3

Hahaha! Except then we could say together they are such a hot Tamali couple. 😉

I don’t know, that’s so incredibly punny that I may have to keep it.

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