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C06P19 – Answer

C06P19 – Answer published on 15 Comments on C06P19 – Answer

I wanted to say “Hello and Thank you!” to a very special group of people today — I got an email from their teacher this weekend, and it made me feel like one of the luckiest people in the world!! Here’s some of the email:

“I have been sharing Ley Lines with my students. While the story might be a little too complex or frightening for some ten-year-olds, my students are sophisticated readers, and they find your work enthralling. They particularly love the rich world-creating that supports the story, from the language and cultural symbols to the recent “Ki Ka” chant, which they were singing over and over on the playground a few days back…Today I took a short video on my iPhone that I thought you would enjoy.”

WOW!!! You guys know how to make a creator feel special!! Thank you so much to all of you for making this video with your teacher. You’re all #1 in my book!!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

I still think that is the most awesome bit of news I’ve ever heard! Congratulations! It would be interesting to see how he’s applying concepts of learning through such a medium.

Another awesome page!

Well-deserved, Robin!

When I was 10 there were no computers in a classroom. You weren’t even allowed to get out of your chair at your small desk without explicit permission. No talking in class, etc.

My oh my how the world has changed! It makes me so happy to know that our little webcomics are being viewed and enjoyed by the very young!

Thanks for sharing, Robin!

That’s fantastic! Actually, I was going to ask you about something similar ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m doing a comic project with my 7th grade 2D class, and I want to show them examples of professional comic artists’ processes for making their work. Is there a way you could post some progress shots of your work for us to use? I think they’ll really get excited once they see that scripting, thumbnailing, and sketching aren’t just busywork!

…. Have you heard of the musical “Once On This Island” or is it just sheer coincidence that I can hear ‘We Dance’ in my head when I read this page?

I have not heard of said musical! Do you have a link to the song, so I can learn what ear-worm I have unintentionally infected you with?

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