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C06P17 – The Call

C06P17 – The Call published on 7 Comments on C06P17 – The Call

In which Tama continues to have absolutely no ability to resist his curiosity.
SPEAKING OF WHICH, look what Liz of Adrastus sent me!!

Most adorable thing ever? I think so.

I hope that this slower section is still interesting — as usual, I’m massively insecure about anything that’s not WHAM BAM ACTION — which means I’m gnawing my own leg off in anxiety most of the time. I really wanted to give you guys some time to just observe Kali, her village, and her tribe. Sometimes it’s fun to be an outsider looking in, learning by how people act, instead of being told about them. It does make me wonder — What do you think of her tribe so far? What would you guess the people are like?

As with the village chant, I’ll be putting together some multi-media samples of what this call sounds like soon.

In Kickstarter news we are now 2/3 of the way there!! Thank you to everyone for your help!! I continue to be astounded by the generosity and support. You are all amazing – both those that have contributed, and those that have shared the project with friends and family. I think we can make it!!


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I am enjoying this part! I love the feeling of exploring as an outsider. Let’s see… I think they are very tribal and tough people, who are afraid of outsiders and try to keep off the radar. Oh, and before I forget, are you going to announce my webcomic? I only ask because you said you were going to.

Are you kidding me? This is *great.* I mean, I like action scenes, but they work better in print, because then you can just go through them and get all pumped.

Slow reveals like this work so well in webcomics because–appropriately enough–I have been gnawing my leg off wondering what’s going on here. And what’s going to happen when Kali realizes she was followed.

Moral of the story: now we can trade tips about walking with crutches.

(I have the same problem, though. I worry a lot about losing people’s attention, but then I go and read a book that’s mostly dialogue, and I’m like, “That was great! I can do that, too! That’s *right*!”)

That’s a good point…most of my favorite scenes in stories are some of the simpler exchanges. Where I discover something new about a character, or uncover an interesting idea. The action scenes are always fun, but they’re never the parts that I take away from the film, or book.

Thank you for the comment. That’s something I needed to think about!

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