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C06P15 – Following

C06P15 – Following published on 9 Comments on C06P15 – Following

Tama…you are pretty much a cat. Wherever a big neon sign blinks “Do not follow” there is where you go every time…

Have you ever let curiosity get the better of you?


To the Comic Dish crew for having me on their podcast this week!! As always, they’re an absolute blast to hang out with. We talk news, reviews, and Kickstarter.

Also my thanks to David Hurley of Don’t Pick The Flowers for featuring LeyLines in his blog!

Finally, THANK YOU to everyone for their support on the Kickstarter so far! I’ve posted the three cover mock-ups that backers will have the chance to vote on starting at the end of today. I’m really excited to see which version gets chosen! I hope that people are enjoying being a part of this project. I want to make it a special experience for you — since you guys are what make sharing this comic special for me. Y’all = THE BEST. <3


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Heya, sorry I haven’t been commenting as much…things are still hectic (but finally winding down.) still.

I’ve been enjoying the slowly unfolding story that accompanies this chapter. And hope the crew will recover from all this.

Oh man. So much awesome in those covers. *flail*


I can’t wait til the final reveal. I love seeing tough girls in pretty clothing. (Especially if they aren’t “mah mah mah hate dresses mah mah mah,” because femmes are awesome. Even though Kali is totally the “mah mah mah” type. She’s just too practical. And she lives in the desert. Skirts would suck.)

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