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It’s a feast of multimedia today, cuz I’ve got MP3s and videos galore to share with you!

The Chant

As promised, I put together a recording of how the chant sounds. This is only an example, because the chant changes every time. Only the women of the tribe sing. “Ki ka” is the sound effect this culture uses for the sound a frog makes. It’s the equivalent to “ribbit.” Part of this ceremony is dedicated to Waiziki, originally the goddess of emotion before the Visionaries got to her and made her into the Indulgence of grief, self-pity, and worry. Since Waiziki is about emotion, there is no set sound to the song of the women. They are simply to project their emotions into the song they collectively make.

Right Click “Save Link As” to Download if the flash player above doesn’t work.

Each of the women portrayed in this song has a different story. The first is angry. There are outsiders in their tribe, and she doesn’t like the risk they present to her or her unborn child. The second is almost a rebuttal to the first. She’s intrigued by these new visitors, and is hopeful and welcoming. The third is one of the elders in the tribe, and she has a bad feeling about what might happen to her tribe. She is overwhelmed with fear and concern – you can see her crying in the previous page. The last is a young woman, who is hopelessly in love with one of the village boys. She couldn’t care less about the newcomers, she’s just trying to show off in hopes that she will attract the attention of the man of her affections.

Kickstarter updates!

Can you believe we’re almost at 60%??? You guys are rocking my world!! So I’ve got two special announcements for you!
1. Contributor Choice Items – This Friday will be the first contributor choice vote on the final cover. The decision will be for BACKERS ONLY, so if you’d like to be involved in shaping the final product, make sure to pledge soon! Even a single $1 can make a huge difference! Click here to become a backer now!
2. First Stretch Goal announced! Can we reach $7,000? If we do, it will mean 15 additional pages of extra goodies in the back of the book — chosen by you!


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Man, I know that feeling. I’ve been struggling with the title of my superhero parody for over a year now. 😛

Oooh titles are the worst!! Can you believe I was originally going to go with “Child of Darkness” for this story?? What a mess that would have been. Spent months trying to think up something else. In the end, Khan suggested LeyLines.

Have you narrowed the choice on your title down? What have you considered? (Also: very excited to hear more on this project!!)

Well, the short story this is coming from was just called Super, for lack of time to come up with something. I kind of want to call it Everyone Wants to Save the World, but that’s been the first line for AGES. So… I haven’t yet come up with another option. But I’m okay with that. The title will follow as I get the script fleshed out. 🙂

And I can’t imagine this story as Child of Darkness. LeyLines just works so well for the interconnectedness and the world and… adfghjk.

Yeah…to be fair to myself, that title WAS for the first version of the story…which was exceptionally awful. I’m pretty sure that the first idea is usually the worst idea, so we can have better ideas after it. “Child of Darkness” was one of those.

I like your attitude about the title! Great idea to move forward with the script and characters. Chances are good that it will rise to the top on its own. Go for it!!

You are super chipper in that kickstarter video. 🙂 Contributed my $10!

And that chant is great! Different than what was going on in my head, but great to listen to.

I have a lot to be chipper about!! And thank you for the contribution Kris! You rock!

Glad you liked the chant — truth be told, it came out a little differently than I imagined it too, but there’s only so much one person can do to sound like a village. 😉

Love this page. And the chant is really great.
I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this or if this was even intentional, but you said that each woman in the chant had a different story, there are four women, and there are four indulgences, and each of the backstories you gave to the women in the chant seem to correspond with a different indulgence:
First woman is angry – Raviki
Second woman is cheerful – Nikiwa
Third woman is sad – Waiziki
Fourth woman is lustful – Zhumupuru
Was that at all intentional or am I just seeing patterns where there are none?

I’d love to say “Yes, I did it on purpose!” and make myself sound smart, but that was completely unconscious on my part. I do tend to think in fours when considering emotional extremes (maybe due to my interest in the Humors?) and each one of the Indulgences represents one of those types.

On an unrelated note, I LOVE that you notice patterns like that! It might not have been the case this time, but there are LOTS of little details I’ve put in the story specifically for readers with a keen eye like yours! 🙂

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