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C06P12 – Gong

C06P12 – Gong published on 14 Comments on C06P12 – Gong

A few of you have commented before on Tama’s scar. Messing with it when he’s upset is one of his physical character quirks, much like Mizha rubbing her arm. I’ve been trying to challenge myself to include more quirks like this, since those odd little habits are usually some of the most unique (if occasionally annoying) things that people do.

Kinda like I make these crazy velociraptor wookie noises after a long and stressful day while stretching. Or sit cross-legged in my computer chair without my shoes on.

…I don’t have many friends in the office. Coincidentally.

Have you ever known someone with a weird habit?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

One of my habits is making my eyes go different directions. The opposite direction of cross eyed.

🙁 I appreciate this Tama section. Even if it’s only a Tama section because both his friends are in mortal danger. D:

I make weird noises all the time. I will occasionally hold entire conversations with my roomie consisting of her asking me questions and me answering in a noise that sounds like “maw” with different inflections. I also tend to go “merp merp merp” when I screw something up at work. Even in front of other people.

(I also frequently perform a velociraptor impression around her. I am her velociroommate.)

I will let two of my three personalities argue with each other in front of people, and when they ask ‘wtf?!’, I’ll reply ‘Oh I don’t know, I don’t pay attention to those two when they argue..’

And THAT, my friends, is how you acquire Alone Time! :p

I’ve never done that in front of others, but I definitely have had fierce arguments with distinct inner voices. Usually there’s one that’s a bully, one that’s defensive, and one that’s frustrated that we can’t all get along.

Me is the one that runs amuck and embraces anarchy. She says everything she shouldn’t, and does what she wants. Myself is the one who WANTS to do those things, but knows that to be socially correct, well accepted, and get where We want to go, We have to behave… I spend all my time wondering how I got stuck with those two :p

Can I just say how much I love Tama’s face in that middle panel? It’s a really clear example of how far you’ve come even since you’ve began. 🙂

And I am lucky to have a roommate that understands all of my random noises and things. One of the more interesting quirks is assuming the personality of the character I’m trying to figure out when I’m in a tight spot. It really helps me to change everything from my posture to my voice and act as they would.

When I get bored I sometimes speak Gibberish; words made up on the spot that sound as if they could come from various languages. Nothing of it means anything, but apparently it sounds as if it could mean something, because sometimes I get asked what I said.

I sit cross-legged in my chair too: it’s leftover from years and years of sitting on the floor in elementary when the teachers demanded that students sit so.

When I was in high school, I had a habit of scratching at my wrist with my nails when I was under stress. I still have a scar from it. In retrospect, not a very healthy habit, and I’m happy to have kicked it haha!

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