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C06P10 – S-sir

C06P10 – S-sir published on 21 Comments on C06P10 – S-sir

Tama and I share a common affliction — we both make absolute idiots of ourselves in front of childhood heroes.

The first, and only (so far) time I got to go to San Diego Comic Con, I was 18 and attending with friends. In the car, we idly pawed through the brochures and talked “what ifs.” My friend asked, “Who would you most like to see?”

“Oh…I don’t know…Carla Speed McNiel, but that would never happen. She’s one of my biggest inspirations, but there’s no way she’s –”

“HEY, LOOK WHO HAS A BOOTH THERE!” my friend interrupted, showing me the space where the creator I had idolized since I was 13 would be. After I got over my heart-attack, I resolved to go there.

Years later, I still wish I hadn’t. Or, alternatively, that I could go back in time and throttle my awkward teenage self.

My first mistake was breathing. Namely, forgetting to do so, followed by hyperventilating when the oxygen ran out. Then there was the shaking, and being forcibly elbowed in the gut by my friend to remind me to give Carla a shoddy business card I had printed out. To this day, I can’t remember a word that I said. We walked away, and after five minutes of shock I turned to my friend in horror.

“I pretty much made an absolute idiot of myself, didn’t I?”

“Yeah,” she said with chagrin. “You pretty much did.”

I can only pray that Carla forgot everything about that entire encounter.

Have you ever met somebody you admired? What was your experience like? (Hopefully it was better than mine!!)


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Best of luck with the Kickstarter! The video turned out so great! I got chills from Shayne Beausoleil’s Diamond Eyes line; well done, dude! 🙂

I’m a Southern Californian, so I used to go to SDCC every year (back when getting tickets and a hotel wasn’t so insane). And I had a lot of, erm, moments there.

I keep the phrase “Thank you for making an amazing comic.” on the tip of my tongue if I get too nervous. It’s short and not particularly original, but it’s sincere and creators always seem to appreciate it, and doesn’t tie up someone who’s trying to engage hoards of folks or get through a signature line. And it’s usually better than anything “witty” I come up with on the fly.

Come on, Tama, save face and redeem yourself on the next page!

I’ve never liked those “If you could meet any person, living or dead, who would it be?” survey questions. Answer: “The meeting would be awkward and embarrassing no matter who it is, so does it really matter?” I don’t really get flustered, but I am not a people person. I prefer having a keyboard and a screen of text between me and them when I talk. Meetings with new people, especially ones I want to make a good impression on, never tend to go well.

I gave Peter Beagle a copy of Tamuran Chapter 1 at Otakon a year or so back, when I came by his table to have a book signed. He was very gracious and seemed genuinely pleased to receive such a gift, said he would read it on the plane home… but then I think he thought I was maybe 15 years old. Sadly I get that a lot. Also why I prefer communication by writing.

I already sent you my comments on the kickstarter, but again, good luck! And voice actors, you did an awesome job. 🙂

I always struggled with that question, but for a different reason. I was always worried that my perception of a hero and the reality wouldn’t match up. Or they wouldn’t be able to stand me, and I’d be crushed!!

Yet, whenever I have the opportunity to meet a hero, there go I. Like moth to flame.

1. The video turned out very great. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.
2. I hope your kickstarter succeeds.
3. You and I are exactly the opposite when it comes to people you admire. I’ve met a few people some consider famous, and even in my awkward teen years, I was cool(and i don’t mean an awesome sort of cool, just not excited/fanboy/OMG!) . Man, I could probably go on at length with a few stories but this isn’t my blog or anything so I don’t want to eat up all the room here.

EEEEE. And I just got money, too. Mwahahah.

I met Patrick Rothfuss (author of Name of the Wind) because my college is his alma mater. He taught a speculative fiction course. It was heaven. I did not make an ass of myself, but that’s just because he’s so nice that it’s impossible to feel stupid around him.

Can I just think it’s hilarious that Tama called somebody ‘sir’?



(Is it too late to ask for a reward where you can get the hardcover book *and* the buttons? I really want buttons. I mean, I’ll get the book anyway, but still.)

I just posted a video update about that!! I had a lot of LeyLians ask for more flexible bundle options.


(I love that this is making you so happy. This is why internet projects are so much cooler than traditional media. I know on an intellectual level that if I buy your stuff and say “OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT” that it’ll make you happy. But it’s really awesome to see it, and it makes *me* that much more excited about it.)

I just want ot say one thing: You guys put together a fantastic video! The voiceovers were beautifully acted! I’m so jealous! lol

If Volume two is anywhere near as good as Vol 1 is (Hugs copy of Vol 1), and I know it will be better!, then people are in for a treat!

Best of luck with your kickstarter, Robin. I’ll be popping in later on the month to help out. (also mentioned in my next update on Wednesday)

I don’t know what would happen if I met one of my heroes (most of them would be zombies or revenants now anyway…). I think I’d be okay as long as we stuck to English. I have this horrible habit of saying really amazingly dumb things in any of my other languages when really nervous (like “thank you” instead of “nice to meet you” and “Come home with me” instead of “I’m going home”).
I have managed to be gracious and graceful around some important-ish people, though! A state supreme court justice, several university deans, a congressperson, the state poet laureate… at social functions, no less!

It’s funny how languages are stored in the brain like that!! I can relate to your problem with wrong-language-nerves. I studied German for four years, and then had the chance to go to Japan on a study trip. They taught us “survival Japanese” but every time I tried to use it, German came out instead!! I guess my brain thought I was better at that than the new thing it had been taught!!

What other languages do you know?

I’m a native speaker of English and French (but French goes rusty while I live in the US), and I also know Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin to different degrees. I’ve got a smattering of Spanish and ASL, but not enough to make a conversation or have a spectacular fail in. I get the same wrong-language glitch, too! And sometimes my brain will just turn off a language, so a friend will say something in English and I’ll just stare and say “what???”.

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