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C06P07 – Double-take

C06P07 – Double-take published on 14 Comments on C06P07 – Double-take

Oh Tama, that’s what happens when you make assumptions about people. Cuz we all know what assumptions make, right?

…Well, if you’re me, you think they make an ass out of Matt.

STORY TIME — Cory has a close friend from high school named Matt and they have a…”contentious” is not the right word (unless they’re talking politics, in which case “contentious” is far too mild)…perhaps we’ll say “loud” relationship. They give each other a lot of sass, at the very least! And one day Cory said to me, “Well, you know what they say about assumptions — they make an ass out of Matt.”

Now, mind you, I had never heard the ACTUAL version of this saying before. And I didn’t know the context behind the adjusted phrase that Cory had, nor did I know Matt very well at that time.

So…I assumed that was the ACTUAL phrase.

Until I used it at work one day, and my coworker looked at me like I was crazy. “Uh…no, Robin. It’s ‘you and me.’ And who the heck is Matt??”

I learned a valuable lesson about assumptions that day. 🙂

Have you ever learned a phrase wrong? If so, what was it, and how did you learn the right version?


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I suppose Kali being a priestess would make sense – we’ve already seen her dealing with visions from Bone Matron. She seems too, shall we say “free-spirited”, to be a traditional priestess though!

Also – missed you this weekend! Perhaps we can get together sometime when you come up to Golden?

I don’t recall mis-learning phrases but I often mispronounced words. To be fair it was the weirder ones. But a video game taught me how to pronounce one. It was persephone. I would pronounce it “Purse-eh-phone.” I was playing a video game called Hercs adventures, or something , and hades said that he had “Persefoney” and I was all “THAT’S HOW you pronounce that…stupid greek words.”

(That’s probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. Especially since I love the real expression.)

Jeeze, Tama. I’m starting to get an idea of why someone would be so upset about you being Scion. You are just not doing well at this.

You are only just now realizing that making Tama the ruler of anything is a terrible idea?

…I am not doing my job well enough. Tama, prepare for some ego bruising! Or beating. Or…maiming.

My dad used to say “hope springs eternal” a lot. I don’t remember it, but apparently when I was three years old or so, I used to go around saying “ops bring it to me, turtle.” Now, my immediate family members usually substitute tiny-me’s version for the original. 😀

I dunno about phrases, but I’ve mis-learned the pronunciation on a lot of words. I finally started reading the phonetic pronunciations every time I look up a word.

The real prize, though, is my grandpa – he deliberately taught my mom and her sibs the wrong pronunciation for a LOT of words. “Knife” was kuh-nif’-ee, “photography” was fo’-to-graf’-ee (pardon the bastardized notation)… the list goes on. I think they figured out that he was doing this fairly young and taught themselves to say things the way my grandma said them, but a few words slipped through the cracks and got some strange looks from teachers at their schools.

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