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C06P06 – Leave them there

C06P06 – Leave them there published on 14 Comments on C06P06 – Leave them there

Back from dream land, but in a decidedly different location!

Lots and lots of things have been going on lately — slowly but surely, the trailer for the Kickstarter campaign is coming together! As I prepare for this project to launch in October, I can’t help but marvel at all the odd little coincidences that have been lining up lately. People that have contacted me, new people that I’ve met, each of them with an interest or goal that lined up perfectly with my own. Things have been coming together so well, it practically seems like it’s “a sign”!

Have you ever had things line up for you out of the blue? What happened – and how did it turn out?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

I can finally take you up on your offer to announce the launch of my comic, Conceivable. conceivablecomic.com I couldn’t get Webcomic or Comic Easel to post pages, so I’m just going to use the blog and collect pages on one page of the website. I think this will work okay since I’m doing a collection of short stories, one page per story. And I guess I could put it on multiple pages if the load time becomes a problem.
Anyway, thanks!

Right about when I was thinking, “Hmm, I should go over my novel with a finetoothed comb again,” a publishing company announced they’re taking unagented submissions in October. I don’t believe in signs, but gee howdy is that one awesome coincidence.

Poor Mizha. 🙁

Signs! So I’ve been listening to 1 or 2 podcast episodes a day. I saw Liz’s crazed TGT vote scramble in the Spider Forest community, so I added your guys’ TGT podcast to my queue. I was poking through the right-brain business plan book she mentioned, but it didn’t really click with me, so I went to bed. That was Thursday.

Friday at 4am, I was woken from my sleep with this fever of inspiration, and I wrote down a very cathartic journal post about issues that’ve been plaguing me ever since I started my webcomic. Since it was 6 by the time I finished, I figured I’d listen to the next thing in my podcast queue: the Paper Wings podcast interview with Brian McDonald. You can read more about my reaction in the comment I made there, but suffice to say, it felt like a sign. A big flashing amazing neon sign like you pass on the freeway at night and it makes you a little dizzy. That kind.

It’s mostly your fault because I keep finding awesome comic stuff on the internet through you. 😛

That’s the kind of blame I will gladly accept. 🙂

Also : OH MY GOODNESS that interview is AMAZING with Brian McDonald!!! After I heard that, I immediately bought Invisible Ink and it continually blew my mind while I was reading it!! So, so, SO amazing. Chapter six is greatly improved by everything I’ve learned, and I expect I will re-read that book many times in the future just to try to absorb it all. So simple and small, but overflowing with wisdom.

(sigh) I’m going to rant about podcasts in general – or at least the ones I’d like to hear. At this point I’m frustrated and things aren’t going that well, so if necessary, please take with some grains of salt.

I wish podcasters and others would remember those of us on dialup and also offer 10-15 minute or lower time segments to download. Even on the better line, McDonald’s podcast this morning was an estimated 13 hours to download the 98 MBs. The other line’s expectation was almost an entire day.

I simply can’t do that. The better line is our regular phone line, and I have to share. There are multiple reasons why we don’t get higher speed, and probably never will, but I don’t want to go into those here.

We have the same problems with youtube, who suddenly has decided it is a better at choosing what and when I/we want to see something than we are. I have been in the start or middle of a video when suddenly it switches to another one, for example.

I don’t care if a 10 minute cut means I don’t get an entire word or sentence, I only want to be able to download and listen. From the descriptions of Mr. McDonald’s podcasts, his website and his blog, I would love to hear his podcast. Too bad I can’t.


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