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C06P05 – Far Behind

C06P05 – Far Behind published on 14 Comments on C06P05 – Far Behind

If the poses there look familiar, you might want to look back at the very beginning.

New video on worldbuilding went up for the Webcomic Alliance! Thank you so much to all the creators that contributed to this one, including Travis Hansen of The Bean, Kambrea & Thom Pratt of ShadowBinders, and fellow SF member Cihan Sesen of SPINE!

They each had so many great insights – far more than I could fit in the video – so if you’d like to read their full articles, you can find them on the Webcomic Alliance Post for this episode!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

You know, I read a lot of comics online (okay, maybe like WAY TOO MANY), and I rarely bother to watch any videos posted because all I have is a smart phone to access the internet and it takes Soooo long to download anything, but…yours are always worth the wait. Keep up the great work, I love hearing what you have to say.

This page… really spoke to me. Not just artistically, but emotionally. I understand this feeling… and it’s really eerie to see it brought up especially when paired with such a haunting image representation. This is really awesome… I want a print of it or something.

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