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C06P04 – What do you want?

C06P04 – What do you want? published on 12 Comments on C06P04 – What do you want?

Tama’s been stubbornly oblivious of reality from a very young age. I do have to wonder at how many attempts he made to run away from home. And how many times he might have succeeded. Sounds like a fun short story idea! If I didn’t have the bajillion other projects going on. Oh, for a 38 hour day!

Speaking of projects, THANK YOU to all the people that auditioned for the LeyLines trailer!! I was expecting, at best, three or four, but as usual you guys surprised me with your enthusiasm and support! Over a dozen people sent in their recordings that just blew me away!! So many talented people! I had a very tricky time picking parts, but I’m already starting to merge the audio with the trailer and it looks and sounds so good!!! (I admit, I may be biased, but I don’t care!! It’s just too cool!) I’m so excited to share the final product for you, at the Kickstarter Launch in October!!



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Tama, sooner or later you’re going to realize you only get so many “fuck you, responsibilities” in life. Don’t use them all up early.

I hate the idea of a 38-hour day. Although then it would be easier for me to find time to write… and do the dishes… But it would also mean more time working. Blegh.

Hey! I just found you thanks to Mr. Mark Stokes’ fantastic post about our “fairer” sex creating comics!! I am so glad I did! Your art is stunning! I can’t wait to catch up on your story.

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