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C06P02 – Get it over with

C06P02 – Get it over with published on 20 Comments on C06P02 – Get it over with

Tama: all sass. All the time. Even at gun point.

I always imagine that I’d be one of those wise-crackin’ folk under pressure, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I’d just clam up in impotent rage. Maybe shake a little bit in the desire to strangle somebody, and then spit out half-formed bits of words.

Yeeaaaaaahhhh, I’d be a smoooooth customer under fire, I would.

Have you ever been in a high-pressure situation where you surprised yourself with how you handled it?

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NOTE: I’ll be traveling to a conference for work. I’ve scheduled the comic to post automatically while I’m gone, but I might be a little slower than usual replying to comments! I will get back to everyone eventually!!


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Twice I’ve fallen from places it would be very bad to fall from – and more or less magically taken the exact right action to land safely. I don’t remember deciding what to do at all. I remember my foot slipping when my body was almost horizontal and my head was above a sharp corner, and I remember nailing the landing, solid and uninjured on two flat feet.

Sometimes it happens. I’ve heard stories like this from other people, too, who grabbed their kid out of harm’s way without thinking, or calmly minimized the damage from a car crash. Most of these stories I’ve heard involve physical danger, though, things you understand at a very basic level, not so much remaining cool under threat from others, or being clever-tongued under pressure. Or maybe those stories just don’t have the same impact on me.

That’s awesome. Maybe you have a falling recovery super-power. 🙂

I’ve always liked the idea that we all have super-powers, they’re just incredibly specific and mundane, so we never recognize them as being special.

Although I wouldn’t recommend testing that idea. I like you being in one piece!

I have survived/ escaped a few sudden physical threats that came out of nowhere. Our phsical selves “train” everyday (unconsciously) in the world. As Bruce Lee said, “We all know more than we think.”
Being slick when presented with social threat/ manipulation is indeed tougher.

Want a neat trick to help with spelling mistakes and punctuation? Read all of the comic backwards. This forces you to read each word and not skip over anything.

I’ve been cool in situations where others need medical assistance. While I have no cpr training i’m decent and getting folks organized and keeping a cool head.

That’s a really good idea!! Thank you, I will try that!

I’ve never been in a situation where others needed medical assistance. Unless you count me slicing up my own hand with some scissors at work. During which I was…impaired, but level-headed. I think I went into a sort of shock shortly after. Not used to seeing that much of my own blood on the outside of my body.

Word to the wise: Never hold scissors by the blade. It’s a bad idea.

I don’t typically comment, but this question kinda hits home 🙂 I wanted to be a firefighter, but in VA, you have to be an EMT to be one. I had absolutely no desire to be an EMT, but that took a backseat when I signed up for the class because I REALLY wanted to be a firefighter. And though I absolutely hated the first half of the class somewhere around the middle it was like a flip switched and it felt so natural that I couldn’t explain it. Even so, when I went on my first call and was able to help a little girl come with us to take care of her (who happened to be terrified of most everyone else) and then on a number of other occasions was able to help people with horse riding accidents, broken bones, etc etc, I was always stunned. (of course, about 30 minutes after everything was done, I crashed, but only afterwards, its funny that way…and useful)

And as far as us all having super powers of one kind or another…I rather agree. Though not as flashy as a comic book hero, perhaps, I have also been told I have “magick fingers, and/or healing hands” (usually after or during a massage, which I have never had training to do) Honestly I attribute that more to the manipulation of a persons energy than anything else though, which every person has the ability to learn should they desire to, I just have an…intuition when it comes to such things 🙂 Still, wish I could fly or something along those lines, that’d be fun!

I’m so glad you DID decide to comment today, because those are awesome stories! It’s fantastic that you could be there for those people when they needed help the most!!

Cory, my fiance, also has healing hands. It’s an incredible gift. I only wish I could figure out how to return the favor. I give a good massage, but my hands are cold things that don’t transmit energy so much as they leach it from everything else. -_-;

Suggestion: (dont mind the fact that it sounds strange, it works, I promise :). ) anyhow, pretend you have a ball of clay in your hands and are making it a perfect circle, if you continue going the same direction long enough you’ll either start to feel a heat, or a cooling sensation (depending on the direction), just make sure your hands don’t touch each other in the process. What you are doing is manipulating energy, and once you’ve gotten good at that you can transfer it to whomever you are giving a massage to, or even in a simple handshake.

… Good luck 🙂 also, be careful you don’t drain too much of your own energy in the process, it can be exhausting.

Oh, Tama. Yes, encourage the touchy lady with a gun to shoot you. That will end well.

…Can I ship Tama/Kali? Is that okay? Will I be struck by lightning for blasphemy? I JUST HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS. (Too much tumblr.)

You can absolutely ship anyone you want to. This harbor is open to all ships. Even weird ones. I won’t judge you.

Now I’m trying to think about what the weirdest ship would be. Zhiro/Dreameater? Uhh…Hmmm…

Alas, I do the deer in headlights when people act agressively towards me. Apparently I get this really stupid look on my face that only infuriates people even further. Violence in real life short circuits my brain, and violence in the movies creeps me out a lot. Let’s just say I’m glad I live in a peaceful part of the world.

I tend to be the same way, unless I’m already mad. If I’m in a good mood, my brain has a hard time transitioning into a “this is trouble” mode. I usually default to trying to please others, and then kicking myself later for not standing up for myself better. Trying to work on cultivating a habit where I default to “how am I feeling about this?” mode. So far, I have a lteast learned to stall and give myself more time to think. Baby steps. I’m glad I live in a peaceful place too!!

Actually, yes. I was once in a very dire situation, and I surprised the hell out of myself by being extremely calm and logical. It didn’t help much at the time, but it’s good to know I don’t become a sniveling moron in a crisis.

It’s a bit late to comment, but that sounds like an interesting tidbit for a writer to know.

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