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C06P01 – You Dead?

C06P01 – You Dead? published on 25 Comments on C06P01 – You Dead?

When I first introduced Kali in my mind she’d be in the comic more “soon”. Unfortunately, that was in cartoonist time, wherein “soon” is defined by the number of chapters it would take to have more of the character, which at that moment was just a little less than 2. That’s hardly anything, right?

Now, almost a YEAR LATER, “soon” has actually arrived.

Time. It does weird things in the brain. Do you have anything that’s measured in a special “_______ time”?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Chore time. As in, I will do all the chores soon, and then I trip on the layer of dust that has settled over the house in the past six months.

I saw Kali and cheered. Great perspective looking up at her with the sun behind. And Tama! Yay answers!

That really is a great perspective shot.

I’m like you with the comic/real time prospect…when fifty pages in a chapter covers three days of story time there is an issue! LMAO!

Payday time. I can always tell what part of the month it is by what is available in the house, and how my friends react to money-related issues. The closer to payday, the less ‘goodies’ available, the less likely it is for people to want to go do anything.

This page definitely made me chuckle. I’d probably scream if I woke up to Kali standing over me like that, too.

Haha, I know EXACTLY what you mean about comic time…not just pages & chapters vs when they’re actually posted, but like, Ignition Zero has been updating for over 1.5 years and only like 3 weeks have passed in the story itself. In 150 pages. How does this happen??

Yet another gorgeous page. I’ve said it before, but I am so impressed by this comic – if I wasn’t a poor, starving college student, I would already have a hard copy. … Curse you money! Why you no fall from the sky??

To calculate “Geek Time,” simply add an hour to any other time. Game starts at 7:00? Players will arrive 8:00. Gotta start chores at 5:00 so you have time to relax before company arrives? Comics are distracting – you’ll start at 6:00.

Awkward wake-up call. (I’m sure Tama is used to them, though.)

“Awkward ways Tama may have been woken up in his life” contest? I’m not sure I completely want to know…but part of me is desperately curious.

Is Tama a ladies’ man? He doesn’t really seem like the type (at least given how awkward he was with Mizha, Zhiro, and Vekken).

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