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C05P39 – Job and Money

C05P39 – Job and Money published on 6 Comments on C05P39 – Job and Money

Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout treason, but the manner of the crime is still undefined. Regardless, I think Mizha’s boyfriend Vekken should watch his back. Assuming he survived being kidnapped by the imaginary undead.


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Hm, green lips. Bad character. Greed? Money is the object of the page. Red background for high treason. You’ve hooked me on color theory and perspective lol. I was actually excited to draw a tile floor thanks to the book. 🙂

Oh snap!

I think Una is one of my new favorite characters. Ze and Lu Pai just sit around and make fun of Dr. Milan all the damn time. And drink. There would be lots of drinking. (Please tell me there is a scene somewhere in this story where Una and Lu meet Warren and Pakku and mock the *shit* out of them.)

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