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C05P38 – Deadly Efficiency

C05P38 – Deadly Efficiency published on 19 Comments on C05P38 – Deadly Efficiency

As you may have noticed, Una is friggin tall, which prompted me to renovate my old line-up chart just to keep track of everyone’s height.

And then when I finished it, I thought: Hey, that’d be a kinda cool desktop. So I made one:

1024 x 768




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Y’know I need to go back and reread this from the beginning again…I don’t know what it is, but I’m starting to get lost in the cast 🙁 I don’t like that, because I love the story so far!

It is a big cast, and this chapter definitely zoomed out from the main characters for a bit. Chapter six will be focusing back down again!

Cool wallpaper. And, another job… Hmmm, that doesn’t sound good.

Re: webcomics and large casts. I have this issue with most every lfwc I read; perhaps I read too many. Going back and doing a re-read every once in a while is almost the only solution I can think of. That or cutting back on the # of comics I read (which I have a little, but I still read a lot).

Lu Pai quietly laughing in the background there is great.

Although I’m sure he’d prefer to be laughing loudly. I just don’t think the Doctor’s ego to take that. He might think himself more “efficient” without Lu Pai at that point…

Oh dear, he’s THAT kinda guy? Well, I guess every assassin has his strengths and weaknesses.

At least Lu Pai snickered. Was Una hamming for an audience intentionally?

Oh, so that’s what those little black lines were! I did look carefully enough, so I didn’t see the horizontal lines, only the vertical ones. So I thought it was some kind of emphasis on how Lu Pai is bowing his head and staying in the background, perhaps in fearful deference to the lethal assassin.

does una ever cover up that mole under his eye? it seems like something pakku would notice if he’s not careful

That’s a good point — I think Una’s gotten careless about that mole. Perhaps it’s a favorite. Or even a challenge for other people to see through the disguises.

(And since I can’t reply to things on Tumblr — I didn’t mean to make you feel bad with my post!! I don’t mind so much as I was just surprised, and worried I did something wrong. You are fine! No worries!!)

Haha, that’s good to hear! Interesting weaknesses are important in powerful villain(?) types.

(I leave open the possibility that we’re dealing with righteous crusaders of some sort, albeit ones whose methods throw them into deep shadows of moral ambiguity.)

Hey, I found you through your Webcomic Alliance videos and’ve just started reading your comic through, so I’m a little bit behind in date compared to the other comments but… late comments’re still good, right? XD

Una seems like he’s going to be one of these oh-so-enjoyably-evil antagonists… you have to love ’em! I have to admit I really like characters who change their appearance to approach a situation, as opposed to the impressive looking but kinda illogical approach of having a set look or uniform for your missions a la Assassin’s Creed. I wonder, is he going to pose as a kind of nemesis for Pakku? 🙂

I love Lu Pai’s clothes. I don’t know why, they’re just brilliant. Maybe it’s my love of Final Fantasy’s black mages cropping up again, but you just can’t go wrong with a shadowy face under a big arse hat!

I only have one criticism about this page really, and it’s just I think you forgot to draw in the doctor’s head bandages, he was wearing some on the last page, if I’m right 🙂

Longwinded comment is longwinded!

Comments are good no matter when they arrive. 🙂

Una and Lu Pai are some of my favorites too. They’re such a joy to draw, and I love the way their personalities interact. I hope you look forward to their further hi-jinx, exploits, and trouble-making. 🙂

…and you’re totally right about the bandages. I completely forgot them! Dang!

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