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C05P37 – Who isn’t?

C05P37 – Who isn’t? published on 17 Comments on C05P37 – Who isn’t?

It may be childish, but I love that Una can get the drop on Milan. The Doctor is a bit of a stiff shirt, and I like having the opportunity to draw him freaking out a bit.

I’m the kind of person that rather likes giving people a jump scare, although Cory’s got my number now and is rarely off-guard enough to fall for me lurking behind a door or in a shadow. I can only pull them off with him by accident, when he’s really wrapped up in something to the point that he doesn’t notice me walk up to him. Leading to me scaring the crap out of him unintentionally, which usually startles ME in turn. None of which is as satisfying as leaping out of a dark room and getting the other person to shriek and then yell at you while you scamper away to safety giggling like a goblin.

Anybody out there share my love of a good jump-scare? What’s the best scare you’ve ever pulled off? Or the most disastrous one?

Only four more days until auditions close for Project Hades!! I’m starting to get quite excited! There’s always a last-minute rush, so I expect Saturday evening is going to be a mad-house, but it’s fun to see the pool of applicants blossom with so many talented and enthusiastic people!


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I am a fan of making people jump by grabbing/poking their sides, myself. 🙂 Or doing the trick where you slowly expand your fingertips over their kneecap. Those two always get fun reactions.

Also ngggh Unaaa is starting to wiiin my favorite character in Ley Lines. Hir and Pakku and Warren will have to duke it out.

That is a nicely disturbing color combination.

And I have powers of invisibility, apparently. I scare people on a regular basis without meaning to just because they don’t notice me. Came in handy when I worked at the local Halloween ‘Fright Night’ haunted house attraction in high school. I usually worked as the guide at the rear of the groups, so at the beginning I’d stand in a little alcove to wait for the customers to walk past me and get into place to begin the tour… I’d have people SCREAM when they walked by and suddenly noticed I was there. But then in that situation people are primed to scare themselves to begin with…

Somewhat less useful (but equally amusing) are the times when I’ve been home for 10-20 minutes already, walked into the kitchen and started talking to a roommate, and made them jump and almost break the dish they were washing because they’d had no idea I was even in the house.

however, it is ALWAYS a good idea to go up behind a roommate who’s, say, concentrating on shooting zombies with the sniper sight in RE4, and tell them, “THERE’S ONE BEHIND YOU.” Hilarity unfailingly ensues.

It should probably be no surprise that I like messing with people, considering my comic. I’m not the main writer, but I take great delight in doing the editing and scene direction… thinking about how the readers will view the scene and trying to play things out for the most effective emotional impact, whether the aim is misdirection or not (sometimes it works the way I anticipated, sometimes people read the scene completely differently). Kudos on being fantastic at that, yourself. 🙂

When it comes to real-life jump-scares, though, I think I’m better at doing them accidentally rather than deliberately…

You and Cory both share the tendency to panic people playing RE4. Even better if a first-time player is in the dark, with surround sound and speakers positioned behind them. Poor kids. They’re never quite the same.

I’d never tied my love of messing with people to storytelling, but you’re absolutely right!! It’s the same giddy anticipation and excitement. Although often I’m just as surprised by reactions as you guys are by the content.

aw.. I am not THAT cruel. THIS roommate at least somewhat deserved it. And could handle it, I thought, which was why the reaction of jumping and screaming expletives and threats on my life was so funny…

Same here! The careful placing of clues and the anticipation is even more fun, I think, when you know people will come up with ideas you never thought of (I’m sorry your time-travel theory didn’t work out, and I hope you’re not too disappointed so far! That idea could have gone in some interesting directions). It’s great when you can completely surprise them… though it’s also really gratifying when that one person is paying close enough attention to find the one detail you thought nobody would notice…

I’m like eren. I seem to have this supernatural ability to sneak up on people even when i’m not trying.
While I can’t recall best/worst moment, i know i’ve scared people, mostly unintentionally, many many times.
I’d do it more often but I don’t like to be scared like that, especially when i’m wrapped up in what I am doing. I’ve thrown whatever is in my hand at whomever scared me as a reflex.
Luckily it was a pen and not a hammer.

My husband will routinely hide in closets and strange places to surprise me, or try to sneak up on me. Once I found him standing on the counter of the bathroom sink pressed against the corner of the ceiling out of view in an attempt to surprise me. It was quite impressive.

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