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C05P36 – Face off Face on

C05P36 – Face off Face on published on 17 Comments on C05P36 – Face off Face on

“Za” is the word for “Yes” so Una is basically saying “Yeah, yeah.” (The “keep your shirt on” is implied.)

Una is a character that I grew to love when developing the personality and back-story. I’m really looking forward to exploring future cast dynamics with Una, Milan, and Lu Pai. Particularly Una and Lu Pai, since they are old friends.

Una is an infiltration specialist, and as such is an expert at disguise and forgery. There are places all over the world where Una has stashed clothing, make-up, wigs, stolen seals, falsified papers, and other tools of the trade. You never know where you might end up for a job. Particularly when the Order is paying.


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I’m with Andy…I didn’t see that being a tranny situation…LMAO!

You should know by now never to assume anything is 100% true in what I show you. 🙂

(As a gentle FYI — I didn’t know this until a few months ago myself, but apparently “tranny” is considered an offensive term. I’m not sure if “transvestite” is or not. In either case, in this situation the term is inaccurate anyway.)

No intent to offend at all…I retract the statement. Cross-dressing would have been better, but it didn’t occur to me last night.

His costume was very convincing.

No harm! Like I said, I didn’t know until recently, but I have some friends that feel very strongly about it. I know that it means a lot to them when others speak up about it, particularly if they feel they can’t.

Don’t think I didn’t notice your careful avoidance of pronouns. I take it this isn’t the end of the reveal?

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