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C05P34 – Defensive Wounds

C05P34 – Defensive Wounds published on 9 Comments on C05P34 – Defensive Wounds

And you thought I was showing his arms for no real reason.

Well, actually, you might have figured there was a reason. I mean, you guys ARE pretty darned smart, with an attention to detail that often has be in awe, so maybe you knew exactly why alllll along. Warren, however, is still catching up.

News! Facebook page!

I now have a facebook page! This will be a place where I post news on all of my projects, not just the LeyLines ones. So if you’re a facebook user, please stop by!


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You may have answered this before, but…

How high up in terms of authority is Warren? For instance, if he were to simply have some of the suspects… disappear… would he have the authority to do that? Who does he have to justify his actions to? Who would argue for the suspects? If you are able to and want to answer this, of course.

Warren has high authority whenever it comes to the security of the royal family. So if he needs to do something for their well-being, it over-rides any local jurisdiction. However, when it comes to normal police work, Warren must bow to the local authorities.

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