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C05P33 – Patterns

C05P33 – Patterns published on 12 Comments on C05P33 – Patterns

To me, this chapter has always been about Warren and Pakku’s dynamic. So far, they’ve been constantly stepping on each other’s toes. Getting in the way. Hindering, ignoring, or disregarding the other. Do you think this could be the tipping point, or will Warren and Pakku once again fall short?

Also, holy cow guys, the auditions so far for the LeyLines Volume Two Trailer have just been blowing me away. You guys are so incredibly talented with so much energy that I cannot get over how awesomely amazing you all are!! Thank you so much!! This project is SO incredibly exciting for me and I’m so happy and honored to have people willing to make this trailer the best it can be. You guys are AWESOME!!

Auditions for the parts are open until September 15th, so please keep them coming! There are parts still open that need a voice…it could be yours!


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I initially read that as “Oh god, you see the pattern too.” As in, an expression of horror that what he’s seeing is real. I was amused.

I hope this is their tipping point, but at a minimum… it’s a start, and those first steps are always the hardest ones. It gets easier from here on, sort of.

Their dynamic is definitely unique – a new form of odd couple.

Hopefully they can figure out how to compliment each others’ investigative talents rather than continuing to butt heads.

It remains to be seen however.

Actually, I have the overwhelming feeling that Pakku honestly was complementing him on getting the pattern. Pakku seems used to dealing with idiots who don’t pick things up very quickly :p

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