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C05P30 – Explain

C05P30 – Explain published on 13 Comments on C05P30 – Explain

Back from my trip to the mountains!  Very valuable trip.  Had a lot to process, and I needed the space to do it in, so getting away for a bit was a very good idea.  Lots of big thoughts were pondered which I’ll be sharing with you soon.  The nature of Fear and Progress, the re-discovery of old inspirations, and the value of the tactile.


I’ve decided to run a Kickstarter in October for SOME of the cost for printing book two.  I know the LeyLines readership is still small (even though we’re growing!) so I’ll be paying for the bulk of the books out of my savings.  However, a little help could go a long way!  To that goal, I will be making a Trailer for Book Two!  I’ve already put together most of the images and music, but to really make it something special, it needs a variety of voices!!

If you would like to be a part of the LeyLines Volume Two Trailer, please send in your recordings!!  Click here to find  the scripts and more details!

No special experience needed — just enthusiasm and recording equipment!!  I’m so excited to share this project with you!!!  I’ve never attempted something like this trailer, but I think you’ll enjoy the result!!


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