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C05P29 – Thank you for your cooperation

C05P29 – Thank you for your cooperation published on 7 Comments on C05P29 – Thank you for your cooperation

The first time we saw that ring was on this page, but you’ll notice she took it off for her interview. Otherwise Pakku probably would have noticed. Cuz he’s Pakku.

Thank you so much to everyone that offered their suggestions on how to deal with The Doubts yesterday. I got a lot of new tricks for tackling them!! I’ll be heading into the mountains this weekend, with lots of valuable thoughts to ponder. You are all some of the most inspiring, thoughtful, and generous readers of all time!!

For something fun — Can you spot the Zhiro cameo on Twilight Lady?? Fellow Spider Forest member, they were kind enough to sneak our little Shadow Monk in. Please head over there, and while you’re there, check out this exciting urban fantasy!

This week on the Webcomic Alliance:

  1. Chris Flick and I chat on women in comics, writing methods, and which is better, short form or long form?
  2. Dawn and Chris talk about thinking big by going small with the Allentown Comic Con!
  3. Win one of my favorite books on Drawing Perspective, by participating in the Backgrounds with Character Contest!



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“Thank you for your cooperation. In about a week, my boss will be calling you to see how you felt about today’s assassination. I’d appreciate it if you gave me all 10s. Oh, wait, you’ll be dead. Would you mind filling out this survey now instead? You know what, you just about have time to scrawl a line for your signature. I’ll fill in the rest.”

Ooh, what kind of poison is that? …I am ever the curious type. Small amount, quick effects, plays with vision, doesn’t seem overly painful (yet). Hmmm. Can’t be too traceable. This conspiracy’s too good for that. DAMN. That’s some nice stuff.

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