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C05P26 – Survived

C05P26 – Survived published on 8 Comments on C05P26 – Survived

I’ve been having SO much fun with the Webcomic Alliance, particularly the New “Alliance Chat” Podcasts!! I feel like I’ve found a community that is a fantastic fit.

I’ve felt like an outsider for most of my life. I didn’t have close friends until college, and the worst part about school-born friendships is that as soon as you graduate, you get scattered to the winds. It’s been really difficult these past few years to find a place where I felt I belonged. I’m happy to say that the fine people at the Webcomic Alliance feel like old friends, even though I’ve only been on the team for a short time. Byron of 1977 the comic, Dawn of Zorphbert and Fred, Drezz of El Cuervo, and Chris of Capes-n-Babes have all been incredibly welcoming and helpful!

Have you ever met someone that felt like an old friend from the very start?


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I’ve chatted with the folks at WA a while back and they seemed really nice. Glad you found a place to fit in and sorry i didn’t even realize you were looking(and that CD wasn’t a good fit)

We’ll always have paris.

Sheesh. I feel bad for that guy. D:

My college roommate (soon to be my roommate again) and I clicked right away. We started talking about Transformers, and then slash fanfiction, and then Supernatural, and it was like BFFs at first sight.

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