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C05P25 – Leave it

C05P25 – Leave it published on 13 Comments on C05P25 – Leave it

Warren, the soft spots in your heart have the WORST TIMING EVER.

Been musing on the London Opening Ceremonies. I find it really interesting that, in a display of what the organizers view as “essentially British” the true star of the show was the country’s literature. From Tempest to Harry Potter to James Bond. It was a common theme celebrating the creativity and beauty of the written word. The United Kingdom has provided the bulk of what is great about Western literature.

It made me think about what I appreciate about my own country the most. Would I celebrate the creativity of the United States? No, not particularly, especially as I find most “Great American Literature” incredibly questionable.

No, not creativity…but Innovation! That I think is a quality worth remembering, for there have been many great innovators that came out of this country. People that were willing to think differently, and approach their challenges with persistence and dedication. People that were unwilling to bow beneath the weight of failure and mistakes. From the founding fathers, to Thomas Edison, to Steve Jobs. Eccentric, odd, often incredibly disagreeable, but possessing of an incredible will to create, to change, to appropriate, and to move forward without pause. It may be romanticizing the historical facts a bit, (as all of these historic figures had a rather long list of faults) but I feel the core spirit of innovation is true. Otherwise, I doubt you’d be reading this at all, because I would not be making a story or sharing it online.

What about YOUR country do you find worth celebrating?

Today’s Spider Forest Comic of the Week is Malaak: Angel of Peace! As endless war rages in Lebanon, a mysterious child is found in a cedar forest. Malaak grows up to be faced with a double challenge: to come into her powers and to battle war itself — a war in which the supernatural seems to have a hand…


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Gotta love bad-timed soft spots!

I haven’t read a lot of American classics, but I agree. I liked “To Kill a Mocking Bird” but not anything of Hemmingway’s nor “The Scarlet Letter” I’m neutral on Huck Finn.

My webcomic, Conceivable, is launching Midnight Central time! Conceivablecomic.com I invite you to comment and I embrace constructive criticism!
By the way, I decided against updating each storyline at the same time. I’ll just switch between them where the flow is the best.

That is awesome Mariah!! Congratulations, and good for you for making it happen!! Would you like me to post a link with one of the updates, or do you want to wait until you’re a little farther in?

How exciting!!!

I somehow don’t think Warren is falling for Lu Pai’s shtick. We shall see.

Yeah, it almost sounds as if he’s trying to save Pakku from becoming a target for ‘knowing too much’. Or perhaps he wants to put Lu Pai under surveillance, and that’s why he doesn’t want the suspect to suspect anything?

As for celebrating my country, I guess the safety of Sweden could be worth celebrating. Not a lot of violent crime, conflicts or natural disasters here. Though perhaps that makes it a bit boring? Still, one would be a fool to wish for ‘interesting times’.

Hemingway. Twain. Bierce. America’s literature = yes. (Also, we technically have a claim on T.S. Eliot, so I call him, too.)

Oh, Pai’s good. (I love Pakku so much. He’s a really great character.)

My country (U.S.A.) has produced some awesome science fiction. After long deliberation, I decided I don’t really care for “Great Literature” or even “Great Art” as a thing, but there are some corners of literature and art that I care about very, very much. C. J. Cherryh and Robert Heinlein are great places to start.

Edison was a gigantic jerkass, but you may already know that. Tesla, though. Feinman. Einstein. They’ve all got their problems, but we have a number of names that are a bit easier to be proud of.

How about… diversity? I think it’s fair to say that no other country has experimented as extensively in immigration and cultural blending as America has. We screw up, all the time, but the march onward never ceases. And someday, when we finally get that shit figured out, the rest of the world is going to need that knowledge to figure out how to stop tearing each other apart.

There’s other stuff… some of it, I’m not sure how widespread it is. But values of justice and franchise for all, of helping others less fortunate, of protected free exchange of information. These make me proud when I see them in the people I associate with.

Most of the people I named were known for being eccentric jerks. Steve Jobs has this really fuzzy outside persona, but every bit of research I’ve made on the guy paints him as an absolute shark!

I think the names you chose (Einstein in particular) illustrate the second value you pointed out, which is diversity! I do think that, while the USA still has its problems, it IS a remarkable melting pot of cultures. Something I’m particularly grateful for, as a bit of a Foodist. 🙂

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