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C05P24 – Nothing

C05P24 – Nothing published on 16 Comments on C05P24 – Nothing

Oh yeah, Lu. You looked super paralyzed when you were stabbing that monster and laughing maniacally. I love writing liars. 🙂

IN OTHER NEWS Jack of Your Webcomics was kind enough to interview me!

IN OTHER, OTHER NEWS I made a new video on the WHY?? of World-Building. It involves flailing. And jewel stoats. BEHOLD!


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HE’s a very convincing liar…truth be told…

Hey, whadda ya know? I just so happen to enjoy stories with good liars! 😀 Man, he’s convincing.

Speaking of liars, if you ever have the chance to read “The Devil in the White City” by Erik Larson, there’s a very intriguing (and frightening) main character who still gives me shivers when I think of him and his “work”. It’s a fantastic read 🙂

I look forward to seeing the next podcast!

Also, I hope you don’t mind, but I referenced your comic in an annotated bibliography for an education class I’m taking this summer. Our final project is to create a two-week integrated unit, and I chose to do a unit on making comics. In the bibliography, I chose to highlight some of my favorite webcomic artists, and you and your work are among them 🙂 Just wanted to let you know.

Do I mind?? That’s AWESOME!! What’s the unit like? How does it work? What kind of content are you covering?? (Sorry, this kind of thing really makes me excited!! I love teaching!)

Gah! I love the video, can’t wait for part two!

One of my girlfriends and I were having a conversation about how much we love well built worlds, and love the “easter eggs” that you can find while reading/watching them (specifically we were gushing over A:TLA).

She says, “Yeah, when creators do that really well, I get research-gasm, because I can see how well they researched their work before even putting it to paper.”

I said, “Yeah, you want some good geek-gasming? Go check out Ley Lines: SO MUCH PRETTY WORLD!” ^_^

Thanks for the years of awesome! <3

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