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C05P22 – Question at hand

C05P22 – Question at hand published on 14 Comments on C05P22 – Question at hand

That hat look familiar? You first saw it here, but that was before Ol’ Lu changed into the guard uniform and got to practicing his stabbing.

I really love writing Lu Pai. Keeping track of what comes out of his mouth that is fact and fiction is just fun. Can you spot where the truth ends and the falsehoods start?


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I actually really like how we’re slowly being drawn through the process of piecing together all that transpired!

I built this chapter as a writing challenge to myself. I’ve never done anything quite this complex before. We’re jumping from person to person, time to time, event to event. All to give you tiny little bits and pieces that will slowly come together. You’ll have to tell me whether or not I pulled it off when we reach the end of this chapter!

And Pakku’s just, like, “What *happened?* That is irrelevant!”

I have no idea, but I’m enjoying it. I far prefer not being able to tell what’s going on.

I’m glad that you can handle the uncertainty level. Lately I’ve been concerned that my stories don’t have enough clarity. I don’t want to spoon-feed people, but I don’t want them to feel lost, frustrated, or overly confused either. It’s a tricky line to walk!!

One thing I keep in mind when I’m reading webcomics is that it all usually comes a lot clearer when I reread it. Admittedly, I read lots of webcomics with complicated, weird storylines, so I’m very accustomed to being, like, WTF.

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