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C05P21 – Bone Sisters

C05P21 – Bone Sisters published on 20 Comments on C05P21 – Bone Sisters

A tiny peak into the past today, and into the religious order that worships the Bone Matron, the dark goddess of prophecy. Just as the Itsuri have DreamEater Shadow Monks as a small organization that serves under the Visionaries, the Pwama have their own dynamic between worshipers of the Rainbow Goddess and the Bone Matron.

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I also made a video about the mail room! Go behind the scenes of our two-man operation at Moko Press and explore the mail-room! Hear my tips on button machines, shipping materials, and mailing methods! See the books in all their glory!

This week’s Spider Forest Comic Feature is Between Places! In a world where dreams are reality, the Order has one mission: to save the inhabitants of what may be nothing more than a dream.


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I just went back to the previous page to see who was narrating and I recognized the scarred wrists and the clothing, so I popped open my HC to see where I had seen that character before, and then Chapter 4 online to see where I last saw him. So did he have time to change out of the guard costume before he got picked up by Warren, or did he get caught and that’s all he had to change into…. I’m guessing we’ll find out soon.

BTW, I lol’ed at the size of that bubble wrap roll behind you in the video. Is that like 3 feet across? I have to say, you had the best-packaged and -protected book I have ordered. Ever.

One of the reasons I’m really excited for this chapter is it’s where soooooo many little pieces come together. Glad the hard-copy is making it easier to spot the links!!

And of COURSE I protected the book! It’s my BABY!! If it’s leaving the house, it better have a helmet, knee pads, and enough coats on to prevent it from moving its arms in any meaningful way. (And the roll is only 2 feet across…although I could have gone REALLY crazy and gone with the 4 foot option!)

Also, love that you changed the game room into the shipping department! Hopefully he still has somewhere else to play?

Well, the stack of small white shelves we bought specifically for his models. Each tub can be removed and carried around, so each contains one of his armies. The table can still be cleared off and accessed from two different angles, so in theory it can still be used for games — it’s just multi-purpose now! It was really kind of Cory to agree to overhaul “his room” for the business tho. I know he was a little hesitant to lose his solo-space.

You are so PRETTY!! (I know, not the point of the video) And I love your mail room and how organized you are. That whiteboard- genius idea. You’re going to make it, Robin, I can tell. <3

Can't wait to order my book!

Thank you Liz!! We’re trying to lay a solid and organized foundation…now I just have to figure out all the accounting stuff!! I bought QuickBookPro…but software intimidates the heck out of me. I’ve got it up and running…but that’s about it. Maybe I’ll make my weekly goal to get all my records up-to-date in the demon machine…

Never thought MY book would make it to such a prominent spot on your website. Can’t wait to get my hands on it and fall into the story! Thanks also for the very kind words. We’re days away from wrapping up the interior illustrations for Captain Disaster and then it’s on to pounding the virtual shoe leather as we start pitching to publishers. Quirk Books (publisher Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the Worst Case Scenario books, and many more amazing titles) is at the top of our list. They’ve just started pushing into the kids book market and Captain Disaster would seem – to me at least – a perfect fit. Looking forward to my LeyLines book!

I felt it was the least I could do after all your support! A book feature for a book bought! I’m so excited to hear more about Captain Disaster! I’ve been having fun reading my hard-copy. Reminds me of the energy of Calvin & Hobbes. I can relate to a child that gets lost in his imagination!!

Echoing Andy. OHMYGOSH, that is a LOT OF BUBBLE WRAP! Haha. And I thought the box of wrap we got for moving our stuff was big!

I have to look into that shipping label through Paypal option. Thanks so much for sharing this video. <3

I’m glad it was useful! I’m not sure if the PayPal shipping gets activated by the storenvy settings, but there’s a LOT of online store options that probably work the same way with it. All you’ll need is a digital scale. There’s really expensive mail scales, but I found for my purposes that a digital kitchen scale works just as well, for a much more reasonable price. 🙂

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