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C05P20 – Blood Moths

C05P20 – Blood Moths published on 14 Comments on C05P20 – Blood Moths

EDIT: To those of you that heard about the Aurora Colorado Theater shooting, both Cory and I are fine. Thank you very much for your emails/tweets checking in. We’re both safe and sound, if a little shaken. Please have the people of Aurora in your thoughts today as those impacted try to deal with this tragedy. 🙁

Remember that Blood Moth contest I ran a while back? These are the first three that I chose, by JoTyler, Spire, and Zee! There were so many awesome designs that I’m a bit bummed I couldn’t just use all of them. However, I will have other opportunities in the future, so I’ll try to fit them all in eventually!! Thank you to everyone that contributed!! Here’s all of the designs I received:


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Oh those are some really cool designs…I was rather bummed that I didn’t get myself into this particular contest…:(

Cool creation! If there is ever an RPG of your world, who wouldn’t want to be a Blood Moth? 🙂

An RPG is a looooong term goal for this series, but something I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to do someday! And what do you mean, everybody would want to be a Blood Moth? Why not an Auditor — it’s like a tax collector and a detective all in one. How could that possibly go wrong…

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