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C04P19 – Taste of Ol’ Lu

C04P19 – Taste of Ol’ Lu published on 24 Comments on C04P19 – Taste of Ol’ Lu

Oh Doctor? You may want to look into finding a new assistant. Your current one seems a little…well…crazy?

THANK YOU so much for all the responses folks!! Over 50 people responded to the button survey! I was completely blown away and it was SO helpful!! Some designs that I thought nobody would like turned out to be favorites, and I adjusted my stock accordingly! I’ve made over 100 buttons in preparation for upcoming conventions and now I’m super pumped to get the store up and running ASAP! You guys are the best! (EXCLAMATION POIIIIINNNTSSSS!!!!!)


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oh wow so cool…and yeah he’s a bit …ODD.

Oh shush, that’s not crazy. He’s just enthusiastic. …yeeeeah.

what the hell? I don’t check the comic for a couple of days and booom there’s all sorts of button help that I sadly missed out on.

Whenever they are available for sale, I will require a ‘touch everything’ button. since it’s my philosophy in life and all that jazzyjazz.

Things are moving quicker now that I’m at 3x a week!! You can still fill out the survey if you like! More data is ALWAYS good!! Unfortunately I’m not sure if I’ll have the store up and running until June or July, but I will set aside a “Touch Everything” button just for you. 🙂

I went back and re-read Chapters 3 and 4 because I had totally forgotten about what was happening with Lu. Having re-read all that, I have to say: Look out Lu, there’s two more of those guys, probably right behind you!

I want a Zhumupuru button! 😀

…Oh, yeah, stuff is happening.

Is he saying “old Lu,” like that’s the name of his knife (and of course his knife has a name), or is that another version of the Lightbringer afterlife?

*looking around* Did someone call for a crazy person? Anyway, I’m glad the buttons I voted for have come into existence with your talent and our requests. Lu is very sure of what to do. “an abomination? stab it.” He is a professional to the end. Good show with these frames of the story.

I’m working to get a store set up soon, since so many people seem very excited to get their hands on a button or two (or ten!) — I’m hoping in the next few weeks to get something up and running!! Perhaps May will be a good month!

Lu has confidence in his stabbing abilities, that much is certain!! XD

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