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C05P19 – Anything else?

C05P19 – Anything else? published on 10 Comments on C05P19 – Anything else?

I have nearly as much fun writing Warren and Pakku as I do Tama and Zhiro. I like Tama and Zhiro a liiiiiittle bit more, but I think that’s probably because they’ve known each other longer, so there’s more depth to that relationship than the Auditor and the Captain of the guard. Still, Pakku always says things that make Warren’s face create the most entertaining expressions. 🙂

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Warren, pay attention! Agh! I always want to rob stories of all their dramatic tension by having the characters figure things out in time. I empathize with characters too much as a reader; I want them to be happy. Alas, that is rarely in the cards.

I share your frustration on that! When I originally wrote this scene, I had Warren and Pakku immediately put together all the pieces, but it just didn’t work. The problem is not a lack of smarts, but a lack of trust. Warren’s only just beginning to respect Pakku’s opinion on anything, and he still dismisses many of the seemingly random details Pakku brings up. Pakku, for his part, is not making deductions, just observations of patterns. The result is that there IS good information there…but there’s also a lot of noise. As a result, Warren “throws the baby out with the bathwater!”

Believe me, if I thought it would work for the characters, I’d have them solving things by now. I hate yelling at the screen on TV shows where they churn over obvious facts with befuddlement.

I love the way you’ve handled this scene. I can relate. Being an intuitive type I was always verbalising stuff that no one else could see and anyone around me would just roll their eyes and think (and sometimes say) “there she goes again with the weirdness”. I was usually right but never had all the words.Gave me one heck of an inferiority complex.

You got it down right. the dialogue, the expressions and hte body language. <3

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