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C05P18 – No it does not

C05P18 – No it does not published on 16 Comments on C05P18 – No it does not

For the aspiring comic creators in the audience — I wrote an article for the PapwerWings Podcast on How To Bring Your Webcomic Website Back To Life! Please check it out!

Silence, Warren. We shall never speak of this again…

Ugh, I hate being wrong. I’ll readily admit that I’m stubborn, and do not accept contradiction gracefully. Sometimes Cory can be equally set on his perspective, which can create some very passionate debates about some remarkably mundane things! For example, there’s a pillow that we own, the color of which we have debated FOR YEARS. Cory thinks it’s blue. Which is CLEARLY WRONG BECAUSE IT IS PURPLE.

I ASK YOU, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF THE JURY…Who are you going to trust on a color judgement call — a writer with glasses, or an artist with 20/20 vision?

What’s the silliest position you’ve ever been dead-set on defending?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Why do these two remind me of Johnny and Lance? They seem like they would be such fun to write together. XD

As far as the pillow, haven’t they done studies that men and women see color differently? And that women tend to see “more” colors than men? Something like that. So maybe you’re BOTH right.

Or, to really tweak your switch, color is just the light that the object is reflecting rather than absorbing. So if you think about it, you’re seeing the color the pillow is NOT. XD

We actually got into that same debate yesterday with two friends. Whether color could be considered an object, since technically it’s a wave, not a particle, and it is the perception that makes it so, not the property itself. It was a very long car drive over a very silly topic!!

Oh my goodness I have crazy debates with my dad all the time. After about twenty minutes of debating something ridiculously minor my mom will say “Do you even hear what you’re arguing about?” and then I’ll correct her. We aren’t arguing, we’re debating. There is a major difference.

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