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C05P14 – Why didn’t you tell me?

C05P14 – Why didn’t you tell me? published on 17 Comments on C05P14 – Why didn’t you tell me?


You have all been AMAZINGLY patient and I am SO EXCITED to tell you that the WAIT IS OVER!!!! The inventory is full, the site is up, and I cannot WAIT to get you one of these beautiful books into your hands. I’m so proud of these little beauties. I wanted them to be high quality with glossy paper and rich color. It may have taken a huge amount of my savings to do it, but looking at these books, it was worth it. I hope you think so too!! CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE STORE!

Thank you, my wonderful readers and dedicated LeyLians. I have seen through your generosity and enthusiasm that my readers the kind of people that believe in supporting the things they care about. Whether that care is expressed through buying a book, or sharing this story with a friend, YOU make this endeavor something that just might work, instead of an impossible dream. Thank you!!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Just have to wait for a paycheck good enough for me to have some extra money, then I am totally raiding your store.

How do you like StoreEnvy? I’ve been thinking about signing up for one.

I eagerly await the chance to send you things!!

So far I’m really enjoying StoreEnvy. It’s not QUITE as customizable as I’d like, but it’s practical, expandable, and pretty user-friendly once you get your head around it. It was relatively easy to get it up and running — AND it’s free.

Well, can’t argue with free! And considering that I have prints and such to sell laying around here, it might at least be good to try.

Hoping that the next few paychecks will start getting better. Don’t sell all your hardcovers, because I’m getting an Artist’s Edition one!

The further along we get, the more I like Renar and think Warren’s interpretation of him is unfair. Or people have grown and old wounds fester. Either way I can’t help but feel Renar is about to wack his brother upside the head and call in the minions to remove his unconscious form….Maybe I want all the guys I like to be villains?

I CAN THROW MY MONEY AT YOU NOW. Well, actually, as soon as I transfer money into my Paypal. But still. I CAN THROW MY MONEY AT YOU RELATIVELY SOON.

That middle panel is so pretty. I also really like that you went with a toned-down version of this conversation. It’s so interesting to see this side of Warren, especially since he’s a side character.


I really had fun with lighting in this chapter. Can you tell?

This is also a very “Warren-centric” chapter. I was really nervous about it starting out, but now I’m glad that I decided to take Chapter Five in this direction. It’s setting the ground work for a lot of the future.

I think I mentioned before that I really like stories that yank out the rug like this, but I do. And it really makes the world more fleshed out that you focus a little on what’s happening to the people who aren’t the “main characters.”

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