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C05P11 – The Order

C05P11 – The Order published on 17 Comments on C05P11 – The Order

Soooo looking forward to the next page — it’s a huge character moment for Warren and I’m eager to see what you guys think of it! For now, we’ll just leave things on a cryptic note. 🙂

Today was a Mixed Bag sort of day, meaning I spent the day doing two things, one which was SUPER exciting, and the other which was SUPER infuriating, but also hilarious in one of those “Dear World, what is going on?” sort of way.

I finished all the photographs and store set-up, so as soon as I get the forms to collect the books, the Moko Press Online Store will be ready for business!!

You see, for the past three weeks we’ve had five plumbers from three companies in our house for drain clogs that kept backing raw sewage into the bathtub. AMAZINGLY SAVORY MENTAL IMAGE, I know, but at least YOU just get to think it. I got to SMELL it, which believe me is a far worse experience. Long story short, we got a guy with a camera to figure out what was going on, and this is what we found:

Rocks. In the sewer drain. How did they get there? Currently the best theory is nefarious possums.

Ever had a Mixed Bag kind of day?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Wow, my evil possum theory made it into print. 🙂 And: wow, Warren, you are lying like a dog.

Is he? Why do you think that?

Grats on the possums theory. LOL

Well… at a guess, Warren convinced Dad that Renar was not going to get there in time, so Dad could tell Warren or take it to his grave, and Dad told Warren information to pass along to Renar, which Warren never did until now. (Alternately, Warren pretended to be Renar as Dad lay dying. This is dependent on how feeble Dad got right at the end.)
Anyway, that’s my theory: Warren is making a play to show that he was special at least once, trusted with information that Renar was not trusted with.

I’m really glad I finished my last fry before reading the part about the sewage. 🙂

I think i’m going to have to go back and read this chapter from the beginning, i’m having a bit of a hard time following the flow, but I honestly think that’s my problem, not yours.

(Do I detect a hint that Warren may have been eavesdropping? Bad boy!)

That’s like every day at work for me right now. I love my job, but I’m working at a different location with people I don’t usually work with. I like my job, so I’m really happy most of the time, but then I run into something that they do differently–like, say, not cleaning up after themselves in the kitchen–and my crazy button gets pressed.

Also… money. I will throw it at you soon.

Yay money throwing!! I heard yesterday night that the shipment has been released, so Monday I get to run around town getting forms signed at Warehouse, then at Customs across town, then BACK to Warehouse, and then I get to take the books home! As soon as that’s done, we’ll have to unpack things, prep a few things, and finally, at long last, the store can open!! So I don’t think I’ll make the July 1st goal, but it WILL be that week!! (I hope!!)

Oooo you tease you! I’m glad Renar didn’t jump on him. So far the man seems to be a tease, like many older brothers, but is fair and reasonable when it matters. I like him, which means a year or two from you will reveal that he’s the secret head of this Order and it’s really something entirely different and Warren really made himself the ponce in this and the following page.

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