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C05P10 – Assigning Blame

C05P10 – Assigning Blame published on 8 Comments on C05P10 – Assigning Blame

“Zhona Zhi” is the shortened version of the phrase “Zhona vuzha’i zhiro mikar” or “Goddess grant me (merciful) courage.” (Directly it’s “goddess to me merciful courage grant,” but that’s because Pamaru has a different grammar structure than English. And I’m being a nerd again, aren’t I? RIGHT, CARRYING ON…)

If you weren’t able to attend DCC, I was part of a panel that spoke on webcomics — social media, merchandising, community building, and other issues that a webcomic creator can face. It was recorded by the blogger behind The videogame blog, Gameslave! You can hear the entire recording here! (Plus, I brag you guys up, for being awesome readers. But you knew that already 😉 )

This week’s Spider Forest Comic Feature: SPINE is an action packed Sci-Fi, Steam-Cyberpunk story about a dystopian future. Cities are destroyed, Industry is long gone, but hope remains within the SUNDRIVE; and Spine almost had it. If you like the world-exploration aspect of LeyLines, you’re in for a similar type of adventure in a vastly different story. SPINE is intense from the very first page, and you learn as you go, putting pieces together while Spine navigates underwater labs, kills tigers, and escapes certain doom at the horn of a rhino whale. Fairly bloody and visceral, so check it out if you like action on the grittier side of things!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Renar seems like a much nicer guy than I was expecting. Of course, his reaction to “It’s my fault” will be telling, one way or the other.

Writing this scene was really interesting, because it got drafted and scrapped so many times. When I first attempted it, I made Renar highly antagonistic, mostly just to get a rise out of Warren. Except it just felt…off. I had to step into Renar’s shoes and figure out what he’d actually be concerned with. Sure, he’ll give Warren a hard time when things are safe, but having him do the same thing under very serious circumstances made him feel very flat. I realized I could bring out the same pieces of information about their relationship and the plot, but also round out Renar and give him more of a personality than “Older Brother who is a Jerk.” I’m excited to see what people think of the result!

I can’t tell you how delighted this page makes me, especially after the last one with their father’s death. I’m really hoping for Renar’s response to be….”And?” Followed by him kicking Warren’s butt about moping and employing some of his resources to Find the Heir. Cause, you know, priorities.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the juxtaposition! I’ve been enjoying the dynamic between Warren’s actions in the present and the context around his behaviors in the past. It’s an interesting challenge to let him “say” things by his deeds without “saying” things out loud. We know events, but most of his feelings I’ve tried to keep unspoken.

I like the lighting on this page. I dig how you manage to get the harsh lighting of interrogation scenes in a movie from a window… the atmosphere is also way more intense than the other interrogation.

I was aiming for similar lighting as the interrogation, so the reader could tell this was in the same building, but not exactly duplicated writing, since this location is a different room than the interrogations. So this is light from a window, where the other is light from an electric bulb. It’s been very fun to play with lighting in this section!!

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