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C05P09 – Death of a Father

C05P09 – Death of a Father published on 16 Comments on C05P09 – Death of a Father

You may have picked up on a little bit of tension between Warren and his brother Renar earlier in chapter two. In this chapter we’ll be exploring the relationship between these two brothers further, and I hope you enjoy getting under Warren’s skin a little more.

Instead of flooding this blog section with stories and photos from the convention, I decided to write up a convention report on the new Moko Press site! Complete with favorite moments, cool costumes, and booth photos!

On the books: Turns out that a “Arrival Notice” doesn’t actually mean books have arrived, just that they are ESTIMATED to arrive…so now the full shipment is supposed to get into Denver tomorrow. At which point I have to get the shipment released by the logistics company, the warehouse holding it, AND customs. All in different orders, going from one to another collecting different forms until the stack increases to sufficient weight to break a small dog’s back. Once they have reached this level, I light them on fire, mix the ashes with jello, and smear the result in a smiley face on my forehead. Then I have to wait for a full-moon and recite a special chant while dancing the Macarena, dedicating my right pinky finger to the gods of customs and shipping.

I MAY have exaggerated that last bit. Regardless, I think they should get here in time to open the store in July!!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

oop typo…weeks till my b(r)other….

EEP I hate when I do that!

Geh…playing favorites the father is…Sucks!

Maybe he wasn’t playing favourites? Maybe he was going to tell Renar who his biological father was? You never know what people save until the very last moment. 😉

Ooooh I can’t say anything other than I REALLY want to say something and you’re thinking outside the box, which means you’re thinking in the right direction. 🙂

Ahh, the right direction? Well, if Renar is the first born, perhaps his soul has been promised to one of the gods? But only after the father has died, so the old man wouldn’t have to live with the consequences of that bargain. Muahahahaha! 😀

That might have been too far away from the box. 😉

Awesome, sounds like you had a great con! We’ve only done one comic convention (as opposed to anime conventions) out here on the east coast, and it was very much Marvel/DC-type-comic-centric… we got lots of very strange looks and had to explain to a few people what webcomics are. Which is good – educating and reaching out to new people – but most of the con-goers only seemed interested in superhero pinups. No monocle mustaches in sight. 🙁 Denver seems like it caters to a much broader range of appeal. Maybe some year we’ll muster up the funds to go!

We did! And although it was still very DC/Marvel dominated, people really embraced us for being different. The kinds of people that looked at our work were the kind that were excited by something new. The only person that asked for a superhero pinup was a rather tipsy lady. Everybody else was just excited to have a piece of free art and meet a local creator! I’m really excited to attend other conventions and get a feel for the different types of crowds and convention vibes!! Do you have any particular favs?

hm… On the east coast, Nekocon and Katsucon have been personal favorites for me, in terms of having a friendly atmosphere and attendees who are eager to hear about our comic. We tried Ohayocon this year and did really well – their artist alley allows zero fan art (unless you’ve gotten legal permission). I’m not sure how common knowledge of that policy was among the general con population, but it seemed like people went in expecting to find original work rather than fan stuff, which was awesome. And Intervention is a fairly young con whose focus is very much on content creators, networking, and sharing your knowledge.

I’ve heard that west coast anime conventions have an entirely different feel to the ones out here. I’m curious to see someday how true that is, or isn’t.

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