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C05P08 – Get away with

C05P08 – Get away with published on 8 Comments on C05P08 – Get away with

I realized after I finished this page that the pirate looks a lot like Vekken. It isn’t, I just really messed up the character designs in this section. Note to self — go for more extremes for the minor cast folk. This particular person was actually last seen on this page here.

I’m currently writing a convention wrap-up for the Webcomic Alliance, but I wanted to share highlights here too!! So I thought I might tell you a story or two from the convention. Moments that were particularly rewarding.

The free sketches were flying all weekend, and were a great draw (pun intended) to the booth. On Sunday, a family with two young children, a boy and a girl, came up. Both were eager for a sketch. So I looked very seriously at both of them and asked, “Are you a princess person, or a monster person?” The girl scuffed the floor with her shoe and said shyly, “Princess,” the boy pumped his little fists and shouted jubilantly, “MONSTER!!!” So I set about drawing the girl a sketch of Mizha and the boy an image of Dream Eater.

The parents were getting a kick out of the whole thing, and when the boy started looking at the buttons (conveniently placed at child eye-level) their father said that each of them could have one. The boy immediately grabbed the one he wanted, but I could see the girl was having trouble. In a sudden moment of clarity I knew, KNEW which one she would like best. I glanced at the button boxes, and saw that the button in question (Moon Goddess) had gotten flipped. So, without missing a beat, I reached out and poked the button so it flipped over. Immediately her eyes lit up! She grabbed the button and immediately showed it to her folks. “This one, this one!!” I’m pretty sure my heart was about two seconds away from exploding from the adorableness.

Overall, kids were amazingly careful and respectful with my books. They held them reverently, like they were made of gold, turning the pages with incredible care. Truly, there is nothing quite like the admiration of a child to make you feel like a bajillion bucks!!

Ever had your life made better by the actions of a child?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

That is a pretty harsh self assessment…but I think it is a valid thought. I’ve thought similar things in the past…”Am I doing the best that I can…or the best I can get away with…” yup had that philosophical discussion in my head a few times…

So essentially this is guilt driving the interrogation…Got it!

Yeah, I’ve struggled with the issue too. I think a lot of people, particularly those that care about doing well, have problems when their motivation is low. It’s something I’m dealing with a lot right now too, so I guess I’m taking it out on Warren. Poor guy!

The talk of sweet children is such a contrast to the intensity of the page hahaha 😛

Oh man, I worked as a counselor at an overnight, rustic girl scout camp two summers ago and THOSE KIDS WERE THE BEST THING EVER.

One of my favorite moments was when we were walking back to our campsite for the evening, and one girl (9 years old ish?) was telling me all about her classmates. She said there was one boy who liked/liked to do girly stuff and that it was weird. I said, well, girls can to “boy” stuff, right? And wear pants and whatever, and it’s not weird, you’re just a tomboy, maybe, right? And she agreed to that. So I asked her why it couldn’t work the other way around and if the actual weird thing was that boys weren’t allowed to do girly things the same way. She thought about it for a moment, agreed, and then started talking about it herself!

I didn’t think about it that way, but you’re right!! It is quite the stark contrast, isn’t it? Haha! Oh well…

One of the amazing thing about a lot of kids is that they can be incredible critical thinkers. More and more, I want to one day be the kind of parent that teaches children to love themselves, and question everything.

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