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C05P07 – History

C05P07 – History published on 17 Comments on C05P07 – History

I’m just going to keep teasing you with little hints of back story for these three. Someday, I’ll give you the whole tale. For now, I’ll leave it to your ingenious guess-work. πŸ™‚

As part of the Spider Forest collective, we’re doing weekly features! This week’s comic is Riven Sol! Science fiction romance meets Lovecraftian horror! Something is wrong on Danforth Research Station. Orphaned children disappear from the slum-like β€œlowers,” while fearsome masked guards prowl the corridors. Death lurks around every corner, waiting to swallow the unwary. When a mysterious girl named Carter comes to Danforth, it’s up to a boy known only as β€œSilence” to teach her to survive. But Carter has secrets of her own, and the horror within may be far greater than the horror without.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Yikes. This is shaping up to be nasty and complicated and I like it very much. πŸ™‚

Oh geez, getting a scar in some sort of battle or even a bar fight is one thing, but to get it from Tama, and then have to protect him, that must really burn.

I’m continuing to have a blast with Leylines! Looking forward to July’s store opening.

Yeah. There’s a reason they don’t get along very well. And Tama, being a dope, just cannot quit poking an injured bear with a stick when he sees one. I think it’s in his nature to see how far he can push people. I like to imagine this earned him the losing end of many bar fights when he was off at “university”.

Hey hey! I’m back! And oooh, I see me some Favorite Character being awesomeness!

I think I got some of this culture down. A whole lot of “propriety” and “keeping up appearances”, something Tama seems to hate, altogether. He claims he’s a bully, yet here he is, obviously protecting Zhiro. Well, maybe not obviously, but you know what I mean. I didn’t like the guard, but after this page, I like to see how well he’s looking at himself, realizing how little he actually tried to do his duty.

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