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C05P03 – Possition Unearned

C05P03 – Possition Unearned published on 15 Comments on C05P03 – Possition Unearned

More news on the upcoming Con! Got maps AND times for the two panels I’ll be a part of! For those of you that aren’t in the Colorado area, I’ll be posting a copy of the 44-page booklet we made for the panel AND I’m aiming for the store to be open at the start of July!

HOWEVER, if you’re in Colorado on June 15 – 17 (next weekend!!) please consider stopping by and saying hi! I’ll give you a free sketch for your trouble!! 🙂

Artist Alley Table 140
– Limited edition, hard-cover, foil-embossed, full-color Volume One
– Paperback Volume Ones
– Bookmarks & buttons & posters (oh my!)

1st Panel, Saturday 1:30, in the Hyatt across the street
– Webcomic Pioneers of the Rockies: Blazing your own trail!
– A webcomic is an experience, a community and a way of connecting with a creator that no other format can provide. Starting a comic can seem like a long and lonely road, but it doesn’t have to be! Local webcomic creators lay out the simple steps to launch your project. Stake your claim in the world of webcomics today!

2nd Panel, Sunday 1:00, in the Hyatt across the street
– Webcomic Pioneers of the Rockies: Cresting the divide!
– Creating a webcomic is only the first step! Local creators tackle the challenges of marketing, building a community and making money from your ideas. The Internet creates a wealth of opportunities to make your work succeed, but what methods are right for you? With properties ranging from Horror to High-fantasy, Sit-com to Super-hero, these Colorado webcomic creators can help set you on the path to success!


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Okay, I think I’m seeing the pattern for the new chapter; I was a little confused at first. Hmmm, Warren has a much more interesting back story than I would have imagined. 🙂

I do wish that I could update 5 times a week for this chapter! *laughs hysterically* The back-and-forth rhythm flows much better as a complete whole, than as incremental updates! Still, I’m hoping that once people settle into it, that it will be fairly natural.

Warren doesn’t seem like the type to have a particularly interesting past, does he! Someday I should make a character that ISN’T particularly complicated. Just to buck my own system. 🙂

I’m throwing money at my laptop, but LeyLines stuff isn’t appearing!

Have a blast at the con! I would totally be there if I could!

I know you would!! You’ll be there in spirit, this I know!

I’m hoping once I’m out of the con frenzy that I can get the store going by July. I’ve got the site, I just need to put photos together and figure out pricing/shipping/taxes stuff. That, and the rest of the book shipment needs to arrive. C’mooooon cross-Pacific freighter…you can do it~!!

I love the pace of this new chapter already. 🙂 There’s gorgeous, subtle tension in it.

And I agree with Liz! Have an awesome time.

Please let me know how that feeling evolves with this chapter! Part of this writing challenge is to learn how to manage tension more subtly. It’s fairly easy to manage tension in a fight, where big and crazy events are happening. What’s difficult is managing tension when things are “calm” and I really wanted to push myself to see if I could create high stakes when outward appearances seem small.

So this is basically going to be like every chapter of Gunnerkrigg Court, where I’m like, “…Wait, what?” and then I reread and am like, “OMG GENIUS.”

I’m down with that.

I’m interested in that gesture Warren’s making in the first picture. Is that a Lightbringer thing, or was it just a neat pose?

Haha! I certainly hope so! And I will happily take any comparison to Gunnerkrig Court. 🙂

As for the gesture, this is actually the second time you’ve seen it, just never from this angle. Both times were by Zhiro, first to Koruval in chapter one, and then to Mizha and Tama in chapter two!

It’s a very formal greeting, and indicates a high level of respect. The abridged, casual version is laying one hand out, palm up, and the other person places their hand, also palm up, on yours. There’s a brief dipping motion as both rise and fall together, and then separate. A SUPER casual version (often used to seal a merchant transaction) is where the two hands clap, making contact for only a moment.

(I asked that question just because I knew there was some awesome worldbuilding behind that.)

How old is Warren here? He doesn’t look much younger (although it’s really hard to tell with Lightbringers, since they’re all fricking light-haired).

Hello. I just started reading this from the beginning of the archives today. So far, it’s pretty good. =)

I find this particular page interesting, because it bears some resemblance to one I saw a couple weeks ago. I don’t think you did it on purpose or anything, I just find the similarities to be amusing, particularly next to the parts that also contrast. X3

First of all — Welcome!! And thank you so much for commenting, it always makes my day to hear from new readers!!

I definitely find the comparison is interesting! I think that the feeling of “not earning” something is a very common experience. Particularly when we really need something, but we don’t want to be given it JUST because we NEED it more than somebody else! It’s interesting how differently people will respond to that too. In the comic you linked, Justin responded to the opportunity given with a different set of behaviors than Warren will!

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