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C05P02 – So Scared

C05P02 – So Scared published on 10 Comments on C05P02 – So Scared

As you’ve probably gathered by now, the speed of this chapter is going to be very different than the last one. I designed Chapter Five as a challenge to myself. A way to tell a story in a very different manner than any I’ve attempted previously. I’m trying to step up my game both in artwork and writing, although my emphasis in this segment will be on crafting the narrative more than the visuals.

Thank you so much to everybody for their encouragement so far! I’ve been really nervous to start sharing this chapter since it’s very different than what I’ve attempted before!

Has anyone else tackled a task specifically as a way to get better at something? How have you challenged yourself to improve a skill?


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I’m always SO terrified with trying to draw something different, but usually it turns out… fine.
Not fine enough to share it with other people, but enough to stay in my notebook 😛
And i must say: the third picture where she’s crying is just magnificent and gorgeous!

My life as an artist and writer is a constant battle of challenges with myself, my skill level, and my self-esteem. So on one hand, yes, all the time. Every drawing I’ve done has a goal in mind. On the other hand, that process is so engrained that I don’t even think about it most of the time.

My biggest task as challenge yet has been entering TBOS. And then I got sabotaged by electronics and the weather, so I suppose PHOCT is really the first one where I can actually look upon it as a complete task. 🙂

As usual, Pakku is being a jerk. Is this chapter so difficult for you because it’s a heartwarming story of a man learning to care about others? (Yeah, just kidding. I know everyone’s going to die. I’m not sure who “everyone” is yet, but they’re going to die.)

The first time I did NaNoWriMo, it seemed like a hell of a challenge. But it set me on the path I’m on now (AKA actually getting writing done instead of thinking about getting writing done). And now I’m just like, “HELL YEAH NANOWRIMO.”

Doing something just to force you to improve? That’s my entire comic. XD “I can’t draw cars. Or motorcycles. Or robotic things. Or backgrounds. I KNOW, I’LL DO A COMIC WITH ALL THESE THINGS!”

I think it’s paid off. 🙂

Loving where this chapter is going so far, though I will admit that I’m anxious to get back to the siblings!

Haha! See, I started SoG with the exact opposite idea. “I like drawing monsters and wings — I know, a comic about heaven and hell!” I feel like LL has been much more of a challenge comic, and I feel like the art and writing has improved at a much faster rate as a result!

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