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C04P17 – You’re Welcome

C04P17 – You’re Welcome published on 15 Comments on C04P17 – You’re Welcome

Not every problem is as difficult to solve as it seems. Sometimes, all you just have to stand up and face it. Also, it’s been pretty heavy in these last few pages. Time for some giggles at Warren’s expense! It’s not so much that Warren TRIES to be a jerk…as he is HABITUALLY a jerk.

New Rambling with Robin Podcast! Since a lot of people have expressed interest in the dream sequences we’ve had thus far, I discussed my process for developing dreams in LeyLines. Including in-depth examination of the bird-like “Diamond Eyes” dream figure!

ALSO: Check out this awesome Fan-Art of Diamond Eyes! Mmmm watercolor…Thank you!!


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Holy shamoley. Thanks for the mention on your podcast. I was not expecting that! Much appreciated.

I have to say, wow, you have such a depth of knowledge into your characters and how Mizha’s dreams are a reflection of them, and have built it up over the entire story. I can’t wait to re-read this in one big chunk to hopefully catch more of this.

Re: dreams. I can totally relate to the 1st-person/3rd-person experience in dreams. I don’t think I have soundtracks, but my dreams definitely do incorporate TV show elements, with camera angles, like you said. I will often switch from being in the dream, to watching it like a show, to re-entering it as another character.

I also think all this discussion of dreams lately is helping me to have more interesting dreams and better recall again, so thanks for keeping the discussion going.

I’m so glad that the dream discussion has rekindled the unconscious mind! Dreams are such a fascinating window into our worlds, inside and out. Maybe that’s why we experience the 1st/3rd person shifts?

And you’re welcome on the mention! Thank YOU for the review and your continued support!!

“You’re like…tiny” PFFFF brilliant, haha.

I like hearing you talk about your dreams! Everyone I know dreams so differently–it’s SUCH an individual thing. Yours sound really amazing! Like you, I’m rarely myself in my dreams, but otherwise, my dreams are complete chaos. They often involve natural/urban disasters (but are not nightmares!) and I often have trouble seeing and/or moving…I also rarely remember them, haha.

Also, brilliant brilliant brilliant on the “diamond eyes” bit. I love hearing about stuff like that and your explanation is fascinating!

I’m glad that you enjoyed hearing about it! I gotta get over this idea that “Nobody likes what I like” — clearly if you’re reading, you must like SOMETHING similar to what I do! I really like doing the podcasts too. Hmm…I wonder what other little details I could dive into?

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