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C04P16 – Be Wicked

C04P16 – Be Wicked published on 43 Comments on C04P16 – Be Wicked

When everybody’s telling you who you are, sometimes refusing to let other people define you feels like taking on the role of the villain. Ironically, people that seek to put others in boxes are usually the bullies. I’ve always struggled with labels, and I do a lot of things that make it hard to put me in a box. Woman. Engineer. Artist. Business owner. Those are four things that most people don’t know what to do with when you put them all together. I am hardly conventional. If that’s wrong, I, like Pakku, would rather be wicked.

In what ways do you defy convention?

(…and because I can’t hold it in anymore…I THINK I’LL TRYYYYY DEFYYYYING GRAVITY!)

As part of the Spider Forest Collective, I am featuring a Comic of the Week. This week’s comic is Keys. In a land of terrible wars and towering empires, one man finds himself thrust into the machinations of men and gods, and only a mythic blade may hold to the key to his salvation. People that like world-building, political/religious maneuvering, and unique magics will find a lot to enjoy in Keys, even if it is relatively new!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

…and I thought I couldn’t love Pakku any more than I already did. FAVORITE CHARACTER FOREVER. More fanart coming when Horse Week is over on Sketchbet.

As for defying convention, I do it a little too much for even MY taste. Celibate panromantic asexual, trans*, vegan, anti-capitalist, Pagan WHOOPS HOW’D THAT HAPPEN, WHERE’D ALL THE CONVENTION RUN OFF TO? Can’t be helped, though, and instead of fearing being labeled as having “special snowflake syndrome” I will stand up with Pakku and NOT GIVE A DAMN.


Autistic, demiheteroromantic asexual, vegan, and atheist here. Hi-five, sir.

Hi-five back, on Pakku’s behalf! Pakku would return your hi-five if he understood the gesture. Instead, he will probably stare at you awkwardly. He does, however, appreciate the sentiment. 🙂

Also, I make no guarantees that Tama will not swoop in and attempt to steal said hi-five. He’s feeling a little jealous of all the affection at not-him.

That was intended as a response to Noel, but I’ll take it anyway. 😉
Your commenting system doesn’t make replies terribly obvious, does it?

Have I mentioned lately that GO TEAM PAKKU? Because go team Pakku.

*waves Pakku flag* As soon as my button-making machine arrives, I’m making a TEAM PAKKU button just for you!

I love lists like this, here goes:
1. Marine
2. Artist
3. Video Game Junkie
4. Mormon
5. Martial Arts Instructor
6. Irish Tenor
7. Dad
8. Jewelry Designer
9. Writer

Labels are used by people with no imagination to try to understand the world.

Wow, how do you find the time for all that?
Irish Tenor, eh? Do you ever sing barbershop? I mostly sing baritone and sometimes lead in various quartets.

I am a

Rather boring and pedestrian in comparison, but I put a lot into the singing and dancing.

So many music people!! I’ve been in a variety of singing groups since I was just a wee child, but couldn’t find a group that matched what I was looking for once I got out of college. Loved being in a Sweet Adeline quartet in university! As for dancing, what’s your favorite style?

There are so many cool things on your list! I’m with Kris (comment farther down page) in being intrigued by #6, Irish Tenor. Huzzah for the musically inclined! Not to mention Martial Arts Instructor — what type? I’m surrounded by friends with a variety of martial arts styles at the teaching level. I call them my Violence Consultants, because I’m always getting their advice on fight scene choreography! And congrats on being a Dad, one of the most important jobs of all. 🙂

@AlpineBob I really only sing in Church anymore, much to the chagrin of my wife.

@Robin I’ve yet to find anyone interesting who fits into the mold of any accepted label, and have always tried anything that interested me. As to the Martial Arts Instructor, I teach MCMAP, that’s the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. Think MMA mixed with Bayonet/Rifle, Knife, and Baton weapon training. It borrows from most traditional styles in some form or another, and mixes it with morals and professionalism of the Corps.

Oh I just love the expression on the…oh jeez I’ve forgotten it’s name…well it’s obvious this isn’t the normal reaction it gets! I hope Pakku and Mizha get close, I think she needs this lesson and strength. Though we have yet to know how he got it so maaaaybe not.

This is an epic page. Especially since I am way too attached to the idea of real world!Pakku with Asperger’s. Whoo neurodiversity!

I’m pretty conventional, actually. =/ Although I’m an atheist and a feminist, which apparently is such a not-thing we in the atheist community keep having to have long, loud discussions that amount to, “STOP DOING THINGS THAT EXCLUDE WOMEN. WE’RE HALF THE POPULATION.” And then jerks are like, “But we already fixed sexism!” And I facepalm forever.

I love this :). So glad you went in with Project Wonderful and that I followed the link from Dominic Deegan. Definitely finding some great comics to replace my DD obsession.

Your comic-of-the-week links have been really up my alley as well.

I sing soprano in our Community Choral Society at MSSU. Dearly love music, so this is one of my most favorite things of the week!

And I’m so glad you followed the link here! As a huge fan of DD myself, I’m happy that the link is both serving its purpose and supporting a great creator!

I’m very fortunate to be part of a great collective. Spider Forest is a wonderful collection of quality webcomics!

Finally: Huzzah for fellow soprano!! I miss my college music days. Now most of my singing is on the road or in the shower… 🙂

I am very logical. And I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve, but people interpret things or rather misinterpret them, and think I do wear my heart on sleeve. But mostly, I like myself the way I am and I often feel that I am wrong to do so.

The world in general is pretty invested in making people feel they’re bad to like themselves. You can’t sell stuff to people that genuinely feel secure. They’re also a lot harder to control or manipulate.

I do think that self-improvement is something everyone can do, and we all have things we need to work on, but having flaws doesn’t mean we have to hate ourselves. I wish that I could like myself more, because I actually think that would solve a lot of the insecurities and faults that I do have. Something for me to work on, I guess!

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